Active NAtion


It's time to take the Team back from Microsoft and claim the fun back from that awful game of 'Hum That Tune whilst on Zoom'.

Company environments have changed and following the transformation that your business has probably endured during 2020, your teams may need to let off some steam!

Woodmill's Outdoor team building activities are a great way to escape the day-to-day 'new norm' of teams and zooms (and not wearing any pants!)

We understand that organising a team building event can be quite a time-consuming process but know from over 50 years’ experience this is one investment you won’t regret. Our skilled team use tried and tested techniques to identify and develop individuals to strengthen the overall group. 


Anyone looking to add some enjoyment back into their professional teams - on the outside it's all fun, on the inside it's work-place lessons that stick.



from £45 per team member, our Team Development sessions don't need to break your budget. Let us take the stress - with our experienced approach.



Booking our team development activities couldn't be easier!

You can book a half day only or a fully catered residential for your team of brilliant people. Our full activity guide can be found under 'Woodmill' - pick N mix your booking!

We provide personalised programmes, changing the activities to suit your teams’ needs - meaning we make sure the level of adventure suits the experience and needs of the individual team. We can also be flexible on dates, fitting in with your workplace scheduling.

Complete the call back request form, give us a call or drop us an email. Our friendly bookings team will help create your perfect experience.

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Well, yes, it is a fun day out however gone are the days of the conventional ‘can you untie the 12 of you from this human knot‘ game – Woodmill Team Development days are much deeper than that. 

Woomill’s team development days are focussed on helping you – the leader – to get the most from your team. Our friendly bookings team will work with you to understand your mission, values and future visions to help strengthen your teams cohesion, communication, workplace enjoyment and attitude – perfect for getting things back on track after a bumpy 2020.

Let our expert team of instructors and guides energise your team members mindsets with outdoor activities delivered within our beautiful grounds on the South Coast.

Learning, enjoyment and team cohesion are what we’re experts in, but being powered by the national cause-led charity, Active Nation, we want to encourage people to live healthier lives. This includes ‘Active Nutrition’ – inspiring young people into a healthier, yet still scrumptious, balanced diet (plus who doesn’t think of the buffet as the height of any team away day?)

Our full day visits can be catered for with packed lunches and buffets delivered to your group from just £6.99 per person.

Our residential visitors can choose various catering options such as evening BBQ’s, buffets or hot meals made on the campfire can be provided by our local food and beverage caterers and expert camp guides. 

Don’t forget to let our friendly bookings team know of any allergies, intolerances and other dietary requirements. We can accommodate special diets based on on medical or religious grounds, just
let us know when you book.

Our ‘Stoneham Lodge’ is a purpose built, eco-friendly and self sufficient lodge built onsite allowing us to offer accessible toilet, shower, classroom and kitchen facilities within our grounds – perfect for those taking part in water based activities.

If you’re a smaller group or require a little extra transport, we can provide our in-house transportation to provide assistance. For larger groups, our friendly bookings team can also organise coach and bus hire, allowing pick ups and drop offs for you and your groups.

Please speak to a member of our bookings team about transportation, when planning your booking with us.

You’ve got enough on your desk. You’ve got 24,000 reports to write (let alone submit!) and that annoying Outlook ‘ping’ keeps notifying you of emails, 24/7. At Woodmill, we make booking a team development day easy!

Our friendly bookings team work closely with you from your very first contact and through to the handover with our instructors – allowing us to deliver a BRILLIANT team build experience.

1. Our friendly bookings team will chat about your team development requirements. They’ll discuss some basic options with you to allow them to tailor team learning outcomes – and of course budget. Every group leader will be offered a venue tour beforehand.

2. We’ll then go away and tailor your bespoke booking using the information you’ve given us. This includes details of activities, the prices per employee, any fixed-period programmes and your specified dates. We’ll then send across your personalised quotation and arrange a call to discuss and tweak any of the details.

3. Once we’ve got the detail all agreed, and you’re excited for your trip to start, we’ll send your Booking Confirmation.

Finally, just before your trip is due to start, we’ll get back in touch with the group leader to confirm every detail is still as booked, and help answer any final questions. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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