Active NAtion

Atmosphere is more than just a park full of trampolines – it’s a gravity-defying world of momentum and agility! A bouncetastic activity that your whole family can enjoy together, no matter the weather, plus you’ll get to stay active and keep in shape! From daily Mini Jump sessions for the 5s and under, Open Jump sessions for anyone aged 4+ and All Inclusive sessions for jumpers with additional needs and their siblings, Atmosphere Trampoline Park offers a selection of family-friendly sessions for all ages and abilities.

Main Park

Our trampoline centre’s main park boasts over 80 trampolines, with angled wall trampolines, table-top launch decks, and all kinds of ways for families to have fun.

You can tumble, leap and bounce from one end of the park to the other, checking out the Half Pipe, the Basketball Lanes, and the Giant Air Bag as you go. You can even get involved in a game of Dodgeball…if you dare!

Whether you want to perfect your tricks, get some epic air, or just leap around and let off some steam, Atmosphere’s trampoline centre in Basingstoke is sure to have something for you!

Soft Play and Inflatable

Our Soft Play and Inflatables area is a brilliant new space for under 4s.

From small soft shapes, to large building blocks, there’s a great range of objects to learn and play with.

The inflatable area features a large football and rugby themed play area to climb and bounce on.

Half Pipe

Welcome to the UK’s very first trampoline half pipe (exclusive to Atmosphere Basingstoke!) Taking on the half pipe is an awesome way to develop your special awareness and increase your tumbling and flipping options. If you’re a skater, surfer, skier, or snowboarder, going through the motions on trampolines before you hit the real thing can massively improve your learning curve. You don’t have to be a pro to give it a go though!

Air Bag

Things just got epic! Want to get some serious air or practice some tricks with a more forgiving landing? The airbag is waiting – all you have to do is feel the fear, see the moves in your mind and then go for launch!


Who knew a slam-dunk could be SO satisfying? Just float up and sink that ball into that hoop. With Atmosphere’s trampoline basketball set-up, everyone can be an NBA pro for a few glorious seconds…well, kinda. It might take a tad more practice than that!


Hungry for a dodgeball battle? How about trampoline dodgeball?

You probably know how a game of dodgeball works: teams of up to 6 people battle to launch balls at each other, and if you’re hit, you’re out! It’s straightforward enough, but throwing trampolines into the mix results in an even crazier, even more fast-paced game that will test your skills to the limit!

Getting started is simple – all you need is a few friends to play with. If you want to jump to the next level, there’s a competition league where things can get pretty intense; anyone can give it a shot, but it takes balls to master!