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Summer is here, the days are long and balmy, so why not get out there and take on a new challenge? Whether it’s a 5K walk or back-to-back marathons in the Sahara, there’s something out there for everyone. And if you’re new to endurance events, who knows, you might just get the fitness habit – it could be a life changer.

Summer is also about the sea. This month our food blog explores the nutritional wonders of fish: low in fat – particularly bad fat – high in protein and crammed with vits and minerals, it may just be the healthiest food on the menu – plus we’ve got lots of tips on sustainable sources: good for you, and the planet.

Most of us look to the summer for a bit of R&R – a break from crammed schedules and early starts, time to dump the stress and catch up on sleep. But why wait for the holidays? Our blog on self-care looks at clever ways to look after yourself all year round. It’s about making time for what makes you tick.

And much as we Brits love the summer, we know we’ll be in for more than a sprinkle of rain. So why not give indoor climbing a go? It’s a growing sport, with something for all levels of fitness – plus it’s a great workout for the body and the mind. With climbing centres popping up all over the place, and keen to welcome newbies, it’s fun, sociable and as challenging as you want to make it.

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