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It’s hard to believe December is upon us, which also means the festive season is about to get under way.

Although alcohol use in the UK has declined, nearly a third of men and a fifth of women drink beyond the low-risk threshold. This month we give you a few facts about alcohol and health to bear in mind as the party season starts popping its corks.

If you’re thinking of hitting the slopes this Winter, it’s vital you pay attention to your strength, fitness and flexibility before you go, as skiing can throw all sorts of curveballs at your body.

Most of us will overindulge in party foods at some point this month, which are loaded with fat. However, not all fat is bad – in our latest food blog we give you the low down on the good, the bad and the ugly.

We’ll be back in January, in the meantime we hope you enjoy a happy and healthy end to 2018.

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