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November is special for rugby fans. The Autumn Internationals hit the UK. Although we’re not all cut out for Grand Slams, there’s a lot about body conditioning – improving your overall strength, speed and endurance – we can learn from rugby’s demigods. Find out more in our latest workout blog.

Our local hero this month is no stranger to body conditioning and explosive bursts of power. Find out who they are in our latest life blog.

Did you know there’s a miracle cure that could cut a third of dementia, coronary heart disease and strokes; reduce the risk of osteoporosis, tackle depression and boost mood, radically reduce bowel and breast cancer, eliminate type 2 diabetes. Read our latest health blog to find out what it is and how you can get your hands on it.

Few topics in health get people as overheated as carbs. Good carbs and bad carbs; carbs as angels and carbs as demons. It’s hard to know where to turn. We lay down a few simple truths in our latest food blog.


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Since being introduced in April, the #sugar #tax on soft drinks has raised nearly £154m! Do you think this tax has…