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March Uplugged

This National Day of Unplugging on March 1st, Active Nation wholeheartedly embraces the mission to encourage individuals to step away from screens and rekindle their connection with physical activity for enhanced mental and physical health.

In solidarity, we’re pausing all social media activity to set a positive example.

Stuart Martin, our Managing Director, emphasises, “Beyond just disconnecting from social media, we’re also minimising our use of WhatsApp groups to advocate for less screen time and more movement among our team members.”

Lesley Aitken, Marketing Director, elaborates, “This initiative extends beyond just one day. With our ‘March Unplugged’ campaign, we aim to inspire our communities to significantly reduce their digital footprint, swap endless scrolling for physical activity and embrace the mental clarity and improved health that comes with it.”

We’re acutely aware of the toll excessive screen time can take on mental well-being, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, increased stress and diminished focus. To combat this, we’re not only encouraging our communities to get involved but also providing a tangible way to do so with our ‘Unplug & Move’ pass, allowing everyone to experience a tech-free activity session. Join us in rediscovering the joy and benefits of movement, free from the distractions of digital devices.


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