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A Message from Stuart Martin, MD.

Achievements, Empowerment, and ‘Make Your Move’ for a Healthier 2024: A Message from Stuart Martin, MD of Active Nation

Looking back on the accomplishments of 2023, Stuart Martin, Managing Director of Active Nation, expressed profound pride in the collective achievements of the team and supporters. He highlighted their remarkable efforts in enhancing lives through the dedicated programming of activities.

“These stories stand as a testament to how our initiatives have empowered individuals, enriching their lives through our diverse range of activities,” said Stuart Martin.

In the pursuit of fostering active communities, Active Nation is thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘Make Your Move’ campaign on Boxing Day. This initiative aims to inspire and ignite a passion for daily movement among individuals. Aligned with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines, recommending 150-300 minutes of weekly exercise, including at least two strength training sessions, the campaign emphasises the substantial benefits of improving both mental and physical well-being.

“We believe that by encouraging daily movement and promoting adherence to established health guidelines, we can collectively foster healthier and more active communities,” added Stuart Martin. He emphasised that the initiative’s mission is not just for January but for life, promoting overall well-being and movement.

Active Nation remains committed to inspiring and supporting communities in their journey toward healthier living in 2024 and beyond.

Active Nation, as a charity dedicated to promoting health and well-being through a diverse array of indoor and outdoor activities, holds a mission to inspire the nation to improve their health and well-being.

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