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Terms & Conditions



1. Activity Questionnaire
All supporters using the gym or undertaking exercise at Active Nation are required to complete a Health Commitment Statement.

2. Supporter Cards
All Supporters are required to present their supporter card on each visit to the facility. In the event that you lose your card, a replacement will be made available at a cost of £1.00. The card may only be used by the named cardholder and in accordance with our terms and conditions.

3. Clothing
Working out is not about how you look! However, please wear suitable footwear and comfortable exercise clothing in all appropriate areas. Swimwear should be worn at all times in our sauna, steam and spa areas.

4. Sauna, Steam And Spa Areas
We recommend that you bring 2 towels with you, a workout towel whilst you are using the facilities and a fresh one for your shower afterwards, working out can be a sweaty business!

5. Lockers
Lockers are provided for the security of your belongings. Please use them and help keep our activity areas tidy by not bringing kit bags, coats and the kitchen sink into the gym and group exercise rooms! Lockers operate on a coin returnable basis.

6. Using The Gym
To get the very best from your session in the gym, collect the programme you have discussed with your Exercise Coach. Remember, it is vital that you vary your workouts. See an Exercise Coach for a Discover, Explore, or Excel programme. Drink copious amounts of water during exercise as it re-hydrates the body and will enable you to get more out of your workout.

7. Respect For Yourself And Others
Please let us know immediately of any damage or fault to equipment or fixtures.

8. Photography
The use of photographic or video equipment is not permitted within the facility unless a permit has been provided. Please contact reception for details.

9. Change Of Details
Should your personal details change, please notify us immediately. As a valued Supporter, we would like to ensure you get all the benefits to which you are entitled, so please let us know if you change your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address and we will amend our records accordingly.



1. Courts, Group Exercise Classes, Crèche etc.
These activities are bookable in advance. ‘Pay As You Play’ Supporters may book up to 7 days in advance, Supporters with a ‘Supporter Activity Package’ may book up to 8 days in advance. The activity will require payment at the time of booking unless it is included free of charge within the supporter activity package.

2. Cancellations
Should you need to cancel a booking, we request that you notify us as soon as possible. On notification of a cancellation, we will attempt to re-sell your booking place, if successful a refund will be issued, if we are unable to re-sell the place you will still be charged the standard rate (for those with a Supporter Activity Package, a ‘no show’ charge equivalent to the standard rate will be issued).

If you are making a cancellation with more than 24 hours’ notice, please do this online through our booking portal For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, please contact the centre direct by phone.

Failure to give notice in accordance with the terms listed above, on thee bookable class or course activities within a 3 month period, will result in the loss of booking privileges for a period of 28 days.

Should we be unable to fulfil your booking or appointment, we will make every effort to give you at least 24 hours notice and reschedule your session.

3. Young People
Supporters aged 11-15 years are permitted to use the gym at off-peak times under the supervision of a parent or adult aged 18 or over. Unaccompanied use of the gym for Supporters aged 11-15 years is restricted to programmed sessions under the supervision of an Exercise Coach.



1. Family Add-On
An additional Supporter may be added to certain Supporter Activity Package categories and qualify for a reduced • fee. In such cases, the Supporter Activity Package fee, if paid by Direct Debit, will be collected from one bank account only.

2. Student
To be eligible for a discounted rate on certain activities, or a Supporter Activity Package, a student must be over the age of 16 and in full time education with a valid student identification card.

3. Senior
To be eligible for a discounted rate on certain activities, or a Supporter Activity Package, Senior Supporters must be over the age of 60.

4. Off-Peak
Some use of facilities for Supporters is restricted to off-peak times. These are published locally and are subject to variation.

5. Availability
Some categories of supporter activity packages may not be available at all Active Nation venues.
Some activities are not available at all venues. Please ask at reception.

6. Proof Of Eligibility
Proof of eligibility will be requested for all categories of subscription, at point of purchase and annually.



1. Supporter Agreement
The decision to enter into this agreement remains at the sole discretion of Active Nation, who reserve the right to verify or require proof of all information provided by the Supporter.

Should the Supporter provide any fraudulent or wrongful information, Active Nation reserve the right to terminate this agreement.

Supporter Activity Packages commence upon the receipt of the Start Up Fee and on the date of this agreement. This agreement shall be considered legally binding between Active Nation and the Supporter.

2. Marketing & Data Protection
The provision of the Supporters details implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act. All data is held in accordance with our GDPR policy.

By visiting any Active Nation venues, Active Nation may use any photograph or video of a Supporter taken inside the facilities or at any activity hosted by Active Nation for promotional purposes related solely to the advertisement of their business

3. Your Health
Supporters will be required to complete a Health Commitment Statement annually to warrant that they are in good health and know of no reason why they should not safely participate in exercise.

4. Money Back Guarantee
A 10 day money back guarantee is offered to all new Supporters. All monies paid in respect to activity packages, will be refunded in full should you, for whatever reason, wish to terminate this agreement within 10 days of becoming a Supporter. A money back guarantee must be requested in writing.

5. Fees & Charges
Start up fees are payable at the point of becoming a supporter and cover our reasonable administration costs. A pro-rata payment is the amount required to cover the period from the day of becoming a supporter to the date of the first Direct Debit collection.

If you fail to pay any monies within your agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honoured for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £20.

In order to qualify for certain Supporter Activity Packages you are required to provide evidence of eligibility. Should this evidence not be presented, you will be required to pay the standard rate.

6. Supporter Holidays – ‘Freezing’
We offer the opportunity to temporarily suspend or ‘freeze’ your Supporter Activity Package in the event of prolonged absence such as an extended holiday, working away or serious illness or injury. This benefit is available for a minimum of three months up to a maximum of six months and carries a reduced fee of £5.00 per person per month. To activate this benefit, please contact a Campaigner. Please note supporter freezes are not applicable to annual subscriptions.

Please note, at the end of the ‘freeze’ period, your monthly Direct Debit will revert to it’s original fee. This facility is offered at the discretion of Active Nation.

7. Refunds & Transfers
Supporter fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

8. Prices
Prices may be reviewed during the course of any twelve month period and we undertake to provide at least 7 days notice of any price change.

9. Personal Trainers
Some Personal Trainers within our facilities operate on a self employed basis. Any service they provide to you constitutes only a contract between you and the trainer. We accept no responsibility for any breach of contract or negligence caused by a personal trainer.

10. Disruption
It may be necessary to undertake essential maintenance to the facility and it’s equipment at any time. Every attempt will be made to provide advance notice and to minimise disruption and inconvenience.

We cannot be held responsible for service or equipment that is unavailable due to breakdown or fault.

We may alter the hours of business, activity programme or pricing and reserve the right to refuse admission.

We reserve the right to offer recompense only in the event of full and prolonged closure at our sole and absolute discretion.

11. Personal Property, Illness, Injury And Death
We do not accept responsibility for the loss, or damage to, property on the premises, nor do we accept responsibility for illness, injury or death on the premises, unless caused by our own negligence.



1. By The Supporter
As a valued Supporter, you have complete control over your activity package with no minimum contract term. Although we would like exercise to be a long term habit for you, we do recognise that many people’s circumstances change. In such an event, should you wish to terminate your support we ask that you notify us in writing 30 days prior to your next scheduled payment.

We reserve the right to collect any monies outstanding in the event of this agreement not being upheld.

2. By Active Nation
Active Nation reserve the right to terminate this agreement if the Supporter’s conduct is considered to be injurious to the character, name or interest of the organisation or other Supporters. The agreement may also be terminated if there is any breach of regulation or condition that may exist from time to time, or should fees remain unpaid 30 days after the due date.

In the event of termination, the supporter will have no entitlement for any refund.

3. Consumer Rights
The terms of this Agreement do not infringe upon any other legality enjoyed by the Supporter under the terms of any consumer legislation or the Direct Debit Guarantee.

4. Law
Relevant UK law shall apply to this contract and the relevant courts of the UK shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising in relation to it.

5. Right To Amend Terms & Conditions
Active Nation reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of Supporter Activity Packages. We undertake to provide at least 1 months notice of any amendment or change.



1. Parents Guidelines

Parents/Guardians must be present whilst their child is participating in a swimming lesson.

In the interests of health and safety, parents are NOT permitted onto the poolside.


2. Scheme Information

Where considered necessary the Charity reserves the right to change the course details, i.e. day, time, course, instructors etc. without prior notice.

All places booked on the swim scheme must be paid for in advance and, therefore, bookings cannot be taken without prior payment.



3. Cancellation of Lessons

Our Swim School programme runs for 50 weeks a year. Over those weeks we guarantee a minimum of 47 lessons per calendar year subject to lesson cancellations /pool closures. Each year we have a scheduled Christmas break for two weeks. Twelve equal, monthly payments are taken by direct debit – no discount is provided for the Christmas break or up to 3 lessons which may be cancelled for circumstances beyond our control. On occasions when lessons have to be cancelled catch up sessions will be provided in the School Holidays.

Any more than 3 cancellations would result in a refund of the lesson cost.


4. Freezing

Swimming Lessons cannot be frozen.


5. Refunds

Claims for refunds will not normally be considered. However, certain medical circumstances may have merit and these cases will be dealt with if put in writing with certification to the Manager whose decision will be final.

6. Health & Safety
In the interests of health and safety no jewellery will be allowed during lessons except where medical or religious reasons exist. In these circumstances this situation should be brought to the attention of the Swim co-ordinator and the instructor.

Children who misbehave during their lesson will be returned to the care of their parent/guardian immediately.

In the event of a fire the swimming instructor will supervise your child.

7. Student Health
Medical conditions and additional needs should be reported to the Swim Co-ordinator at the time of enrolment.

8. Marketing
In order to ensure the very best levels of supporter service, all registration details are held in our main database but are not shared with any third parties. All data is held in accordance to our GDPR policy.

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