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Care Home Services

Tailor-made care home activities.

ActiveAbility offers tailor-made services to care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centres within Hampshire and Dorset. Our team have extensive experience in working with various age groups and conditions such as:

  • Dementia, old age
  • Learning disabilities
  • Substance misuse and mental health disorders

Our sessions usually last 60 minutes and are available weekly, fortnightly, monthly and on an ad-hoc basis. We supply equipment, coaches and facilities, or deliver within your venue, if that suits you better.

Delivered in-house

Many of your residents enjoy activities delivered within the comfort of their own home... so let us bring the activity to you.

Access to the best venues

We can provide tailor-made access to some of the best dementia friendly venues across the region on a regular, semi-regular or one off basis.

Our most popular services

Daily / Weekly Service

A regular session delivered within a care home
£ 45
  • Lowest cost way to access regular services
  • All required equipment is provided
  • Residents can access between 1 and 7 hours of services each week

Monthly Service

A regular monthly session within a care home or external venue
£ 55
  • Popular way to access semi-regular services
  • All required equipment is provided
  • Residents can access regular services each month

Day Trips / One Off Activities

Perfect way to book day trips or enjoy entertainment
£ TBA half / full day
  • The popular way to enjoy a day trip or excursion of activity
  • Access to accessible venues
  • All required equipment is provided

What's on offer?

Our experienced and dedicated engagement team will work with you and your organisation to develop a tailor-made programme that every resident will benefit from.

We believe in encouraging individuals to continue a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle and will work with you to choose suitable activities. Whether you are looking to build strength, reminisce through dance and music or introduce residents to each other, we’ve got you covered.

We believe that it’s important for a person in care to continue with their day to day activities, interests and routines and keep themselves occupied by doing something they enjoy. Creative activities can help residents overcome anxieties and develop trust and self-confidence. 

Creating a relaxed environment for your residents allows them to enjoy a selection of indoor activities. Your residents have the option to choose the activities they would like to participate in with no pressure or expectations. Our sessions encourage mobility by stimulating muscles, enhance cognition by challenging the mind, and develop social interaction with those living and working in the home. All our sessions can be tailored to suit residents’ specific needs, abilities and levels of fitness and can be run within your home.

Some activities on offer include:

>> Boccia

>> Bowls

>> Chair exercises

>> Sitting volleyball

>> Skittles

>> Target games

>> Plus many others

As welcoming, homely and attractive care homes in Hampshire are, a key component of care home services is the need for residents to continue to engage with life outdoors.

Our outdoor activities are usually enjoyed as a half or full day trip and can include:

>> Sailing

>> Climbing

>> Archery

>> Pond-dipping

>> Nature trials

>> Mindfulness

>> Plus many others

As we age we lose muscle mass, this is sometimes referred to as Sarcopenia. Keeping our muscle mass is vital for activities of daily living (ADL’s) and to maintain good health and well-being. The good news is we can continue to maintain muscle strength and endurance using resistance exercises in a chair based setting.

Our regular care home residents report the following benefits of chair based exercise including: 

>> Increased flexibility and strength

>> Increased coordination

>> Increased circulation

>> Reduced risk of falls because chair based exercises improve posture and balance

>>Increased confidence and self esteem

We’re proud to be able to provide care homes with the opportunity to hire a qualified and experienced Active Nation team member to work as an Activities Coordinator at the care home on a daily basis. The package is available on a full or part-time contract and the affordable price makes it very accessible for many homes within Hampshire and Dorset.

Care homes often praise our activities co-ordinators for their ability to create trusting relationships and engage all residents in activities.

An in-house activities coordinator offers many opportunities for residents to engage in additional activities such as baking, day trips, outdoor activities, theatre/musical entertainment, film afternoons, board games and many more, at an affordable cost.

What's next?

We believe that everything in life should start with a conversation… and we’d love to get in touch to discuss the requirements of your residents. 

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