Active NAtion



We're big believers that there are hundreds of benefits to collaborative working approaches when improving the overall health of a community.

All our working relationships involve mutual respect whereby we value partner organisations skills and knowledge. We believe that a focus on working together is in the best interests of the individuals accessing our community and health services.

How Can You Join US?

Whether you’re a group fitness instructor looking for something more community based or a local club wanting to grow your membership, working in partnership with us could be beneficial.

We deliver over 100 hours of activity each week within communities, schools, churches and parks and open spaces, we are always on the hunt for more like-minded individuals to join us in our mission to persuading the nation to be active.

Do you have access to transport that sits stationary for part of the week?

Working together, we could help hundreds of care home residents access day trips, regular activity and social occasions. 

Our care home services are rapidly growing and we’re always on the hunt for more organisations to assist us with the transportation of residents within Hampshire.

Sport and activity development is responsible for generating interest and increasing participation in sports by running initiatives that inspire people to take part. 

Understanding behaviours and the barriers that our communities face is important to us – and allows us to share our findings with partners around the region to ensure that approaches are tailored, suitable and targeted.

Work with us to critically apply theories, concepts and frameworks in sport development and sport policy, as well as analyse key approaches to monitoring and evaluation for sport to further develop knowledge of theory and practice of sport development, sport policy, research methods, and monitoring and evaluation for sport.

Work with us and promote healthy living services to patients and city residents you work with each day. 

Whether you’re a GP, work within the CCG or are based within the community, you can refer patients into our healthy living services. These include Southampton’s GP referral programme, weekly classes for those living with a long term health condition or those requiring a mini NHS health check.

Who do we work with?

We're proud of our partnership working - after all, we all know there is strength in numbers! Just some of our partners include:


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