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Try something new. Make new friends.

Our after school clubs provide encouraging, fun, tailored and age-appropriate sport, activity and dance-based activities to engage and entertain pupils in a safe and secure environment, whilst you avoid the school rush.

All our community coaches are qualified, talented and are considered experts in ensuring children enjoy themselves, have fun and learn new skills.

Suitable for all

All our after school activity clubs are designed for boys and girls of all abilities who are aged from 4-12 years. The clubs offered, and age-ranges catered for are tailored to the needs of each school and its parents.

Benefits for all

We'll ensure that your child will not only learn new activities, but also enjoy benefits including improved social skills, the opportunity to make new friends and the opportunity for parents to avoid the 3pm traffic jams!


Each after school club is different as we like to tailor our delivery to meet the needs of schools, teachers and their parents. Our usual after school club activities include:

We provide a multi-activity programme that will stimulate and challenge younger children physically and mentally, whilst ensuring maximum fun, participation and enjoyment. We provide an exciting after school club that teaches children the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, using imaginative games and activities including:

  • Movement to music (dance)
  • Gymnastics
  • Games such space invaders, battleships and shark attack.
  • Plus equipment such as parachutes, hoops, bean bags and sponge balls.

Each session includes a variety of games and is structured to include a warm-up, main activity games and a cool-down, with classes taking place outside when the weather permits.

Our multisports sessions are suitable for Key Stages 1 & 2 and offer an action-packed, multi-sports programme that promotes health and fitness through sport, fun, games and exercise for both boys and girls. The sports on offer include, but are not limited to: football, athletics, tennis, hockey, rounders, mini golf, kwik cricket, tag rugby and basketball. Each session includes a warm-up, skill-focused activity, matches and cool-down.

In addition to being a brilliant physical activity, dancing is also a highly social activity. Dance lessons can help children improve their social skills and enable them to communicate better, learn teamwork, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends.

Our energetic class is for pupils who want to learn different dance movements and routines to the latest chart music. Each week the children will build on their ability and will ultimately be encouraged to choreograph and perform their own routines, allowing them to use their own expression and creativity.

Playing tennis teaches you a lot about yourself: the depth of your inner strength, your discipline, your tenacity and the mastery of your emotions. It all boils down to how hard you are willing to work to better yourself.

Our tennis clubs are delivered by our talented and experienced lawn tennis association activators and are perfect for any pupil wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of this game.

Designed for all abilities, the tennis programme will use a range of games, drills and activities to ensure development, knowledge and enjoyment of tennis. Plus, with mini matches being played at each session, your child will improve their confidence on and off the court.

Our athletics after school clubs offer variety and the chance to enhance pupils range of sporting skill.

We offer high-energy after school clubs for pupils of all abilities. Each week, children will take part in different athletic events such as sprint, javelin, discus and hurdles. They will also have the opportunity to participate in mini olympics and competitions whilst also improving their skills and knowledge of many aspects of athletics.

Learning cricket skills can help children develop their physical fitness in a friendly environment and develop essential fine motor skills, improve endurance and stamina, increase balance and coordination and improve hand-eye coordination.

Our after school cricket club is brilliantly active after school club for pupils of all abilities who are keen to develop their skills and knowledge of this popular game.

Each week, through a range of fun exercises and drills, pupils will learn new batting, bowling and fielding skills, all of which are designed to maximise their development, knowledge and enjoyment of the game.

At the end of each session children will also have the opportunity to put their newly-learned skills into action during the mini matches, whilst also experiencing a little healthy competition, sportsmanship and team work.

Dodgeball is a great form of anaerobic exercise: the short bursts of sprinting involved in a game of dodgeball can improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and pulse, improving circulation and burning calories.

Designed to maximise their development, knowledge and enjoyment of the game, our sessions will also develop basic and advanced motor skills with such activities as throwing, catching and moving around in all different directions. Fun drills, exercises and end-of-session mini matches will improve their skills and knowledge of the sport whilst also ensuring they burn off their excess energy!


If you're a teacher and want to find out more, complete the enquiry form below and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and tailor a programme. 

Parents - our new after school club online booking portal will be live very soon.

In the meantime, either contact your school or our team using the contact details on this page to find out whether we deliver within your children's school and to book your places.


Our new after school club online booking portal will be live very soon. In the meantime, get in touch with the team below to find out whether we're delivering within your child's school and to book your place.

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