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Welcome to arguably Southampton’s most beautiful paddling spot. With access to 5 different water ways, we provide it all. The fun, the water and the boats. Escape the hustle & bustle of the city… but stay in the city? We know, it’s confusing! We might be right in the heart of the city but with a river, lake, woodland and over 17 acres of land, you could be in the New Forest! 

We have a great range of paddle craft, from Canoes or SUP boards. We’ve got all the equipment you need and we even have the Dry Bags you’ll need to be able to take your stuff with you. Have we sold it to you enough yet? We thought so. Have a read of this page, see what boat you fancy hiring and just hit BOOK NOW to get out on the water! 

Perfect for taking out on our lake or on the river, Kayaking is a great way for everyone of all abilities to get out on the water. An easy way to get comfortable on the water, move around easily and have a great time!

1. Single or Double Kayaks available

2. All Kayaks are sit-on-top, with your legs stretched in front of you

3. Navigate your way through the waters using a double-ended paddle

4. Paddle from £14 per boat, per hour 

Don’t fancy paddling around on your own? Got a friend you want to share a boat with? Maybe we”re the location of your first date? Either way, our canoes are perfect for two of you to enjoy. Again, if you didn’t want to stay on the lake, our canoes can be taken up or down stream.

1. Suitable for 2 people

2. Great for a more comfortable ride and easier access, with a sit-on bench inside the boat

3. Add an additional centre seat for a SMALL child, enabling a family of 3 to paddle together 

4. Paddle from £20 per boat, per hour

Out on a family trip? Got a big group of mates? Katakanu’s are the one for you. Enjoy paddling around on our lake knowing you’ll never be able to flip these! Perfect for those who aren’t so comfortable on the water. 

1. Fit between 4-6 people in one boat

2. Great for larger families or a group of friends

3. Impossible to capsize! 

4. Can only be used on our lake

5. Paddle from £50 per boat, per hour

The paddle sport that has taken the world by storm. Literally everyone & their dog has a paddleboard right now. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon then we’ve got your back. 

1. Suitable for single riders only

2. Sorry, you’ve got to be over 8 years old to hire one of these

3. Paddle on our lake OR on the River Itchen

4. Available April – September

5. SUP from £15 per person, per board


We now sell Dry Bags! We know the difficult decision: Leave your phone behind and take no pictures or take it and risk it getting wet. Well now you don't have to make that decision! 

You can purchase a KitBrix 20L Dry Bag from us! Just select it as an Add On with any Boat Hire Booking! 

Your paddle hire will include your paddle craft, paddle and buoyancy aid. However we do recommend you bring the following: 

1. Clothes for on the water ( you might get wet) 

2. Closed toe footwear

3. A spare set of clothes and shoes. 

4. Towel

5.  Sun cream 

No not at all, provided you’re water confident then you can have a go.

When visiting us for boat hire, please use the free parking in Riverside Park. This can be found at: 299 Woodmill LaneSouthamptonSO18 2JR.

We know tides can change or you might spend a little longer at the pub than you expected, so it’s important to keep a track of the time when out on the water. 

If you’re late back, no worries. Just give us a call to let us know. Any late returns will be charged for the following hour. 

You can paddle on our private, secluded lake or head out on the River Itchen down as far as The White Swan Pub. If you have a lot of paddling experience, call us to discuss the possibility of going further. 

We prefer for children to be 4 years or older, however this is a hire activity and younger children can attend. We would struggle to fit a lifejacket to any child under 2 years, but our private and secluded lake is the perfect spot to build their sea legs from an early age!


Boating Lake & River Access
Wednesday – Friday – 10:30 – 16:30
Weekends – 9:30 – 16:30
Please Note: Proof of competence required for longer term and overnight hire. We prefer for children to be 4 years or older, however this is a hire activity and younger children can attend. All paddle hire is self-led unless booked onto our Paddle To The Pub or Private Tuition
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions here.