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It’s time to take to the skies & try out our climbing apparatus. Are you brave enough to take on the Leap Of Faith or are you ready to test your communication skills with our High All Aboard? 

With 2 climbing structures on offer, we have a BRILLIANT range of activities on offer to test your skills, knowledge and team work. Take a look at all of our off ground activities here at Woodmill. 

Climbing Activities
Foot High


Climb to the top of the 20ft platform and test your nerves. Are you going to be able to make the Leap Of Faith and grab hold of the bar above you? Not one for the faint hearted, the Leap Of Faith is the perfect way to literally leap out of your comfort zone. 


Our high-level challenge course is designed to test your agility and your nerve. Take on the course with your teammates and complete the challenges set for your by instructor. It’s time to work together and test your communication and cooperation whilst stretching your comfort zone. 


Up to four participants climb together to reach a small platform at the top of a 20ft pole. You will need to demonstrate great teamwork between the individuals climbing the pole, as well as the group who are holding the ropes on the ground. 


A high ropes challenge requiring cooperation, communication and hard work as participants climb up wooden rungs which become further apart the higher you climb. Jacobs Ladder requires excellent team work from the participants climbing and those holding the ropes below. You must all work together to reach as high as you can! 


Participants must keep their balance whilst crossing this seesaw which is available on the ground or as a high roped element (using a harness and helmet). This balanced based activity breaks down barriers and is a great test of your nerve as you work together to even out the scales. 


Participants must work together in this high roped activity to get their group as high as possible by adding crates to the stack without it collapsing. Great for developing trust, participants moving up the stack are attached to a belay rope for when the crates tumble. 


The sense of achievement when participants reach the top is written all over their faces. We will teach participants how to recognise and control risks prior to learning the necessary skills and techniques, including how to belay and support each other. 


Are you ready to test your nerve? In this activity, participants will build self confidence by using ropes to lower over the edge and descend off our climbing tower, controlling their descent on the way down. 

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