Active NAtion


Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre wouldn't be what it is, without the work of our BRILLIANT team. These are the people who come to work, day in - day out with a smile on their face and deliver all of our excellent activities to our supporters. 

Not only are the team responsible for you all having an amazing time at Woodmill and leaving with memories to last a lifetime, they're also responsible for your safety. Our team at Woodmill are all fully qualified & trained to the highest standard. This means we can provide the best activities with the greatest level of safety. 


We believe in doers, not talkers. There are those who talk. Who say they’re going to do something but never do. Then there are those who do. Who make it their mission to make a change and do what they say they’re going to do. 

Our team at Woodmill are all doers. Doers who make it their mission to come to work every day, with a smile on their face, full of passion and ready to make a change… and that’s our simple recipe to being the best!