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Here at SWAC (powered by the national cause-led Charity, Active Nation) we passionately believe that children gain a great deal from discovering, exploring and learning in the great outdoors.  We make sure our children's programmes are designed so every child has unforgettable opportunities to embrace adventure, take calculated risks, face new challenges, build self-esteem and make lifelong friends along the way.



Our children’s activities provide challenge and enjoyment for everyone. Children do not need to have had any previous experience to join our RYA Sailing courses or Water Fun activities and our staff are able to instruct children of all standards of abilities.

Our activities can become booked up weeks and weeks in advance so the more notice we have, the more staff we can allocate to the programme.  Therefore we recommend you book at least 8 weeks ahead of your desired dates to ensure you get the space you want, when you need it.  Bookings are occasionally available closer to the time.

SWAC is registered with Ofsted and is able to accept child care vouchers.  Our registration number is: EY547339.

These holiday activity Terms and Conditions are incorporated into Active Nation’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, which apply to all purchases. If you are unsure if your child is able to take part in the Active Nation activity, please contact us before booking.


Our activities are physically and mentally demanding and all people will be exposed to inherent hazards and risks.

Some activities may not be suitable for persons with: Heart conditions, Severe Back Pain, Severe Anxiety, Severe Obesity, Vertigo, Epilepsy, Pregnancy. Or persons with injuries/ailments/conditions, whether physical or mental, that could be adversely affected by participation.

Jewellery that may snag should also be removed.

All sessions will be shared with other children, unless the session has been exclusively booked.

If you decide to stop participating during the session, you will not be entitled to a refund.


Holiday Activities are suitable for children aged 8 year to 16 years of age.

A participation consent form signed by a parent or guardian must be submitted for all participants under 18 years old before the activity can take place (this form is available from our web site, your confirmation email or alternatively please ask for a copy). If this form is not submitted the booking will be cancelled and you will not be entitled to a refund.


If you would like to cancel a booking, you just need to let us know by contacting us by email at or by telephone on 023 8091 5746.

Where we receive a cancellation request the following refund policy will apply: (a) For requests received more than 31 days before the booking a full refund will be given; (b) For requests 31 days or fewer days before the activity date no refund will be given.


If for any reason you would like to reschedule your booking, we will do the best to assist you.

Subject to availability and at the discretion of Active Nation, you may reschedule the date and time of your booking up to 14 days before your original booking.


Only safety equipment (buoyancy aids, harnesses, helmets, rope belays and carabiners) provided by Active Nation may be used on our activities.

The training and instruction received at Woodmill is specific to our environment. We do not guarantee that skills learnt with Active Nation will be transferable to other venues.

Safety briefings will be given in English. In order to safely participate your child must be able to understand the briefing in full. If you do not understand any aspect of the safety briefing given to you, please ask for clarification at the time of the briefing, before you participate in the activity.

In booking and participating in Active Nation activities you agree to agree to follow the instructions given by our staff. If you do not act in accordance with these instructions your child may be asked to leave the centre without any entitlement of a refund.


Active Nation shall not be liable for any damage or loss of any property or items belonging to you, any member of your group or any third parties; or personal injury or death of any person but only as far as such injury or death is not caused by Active Nation’s negligence.


There is an element of risk involved in all watersport activities. However, those risks are managed by constant supervision from our fully qualified instructors. In addition, we are licensed by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Service and are a Royal Yachting Association Training Centre.

Our instructors are (exceptional people) chosen for their ability to communicate with children and inspire.  They share their passion for getting afloat and make sure each child is challenged within the limits of their capabilities.  We know finding people with the right attitude is only half of an important mix, so we also:

– Rigorously select only the very best people to work for us. Part of that process includes completing relevant checks including an enhanced DBS.

– Ensure all our staff complete a comprehensive induction process including ongoing training and assessments.

– Continually complete detailed session observations, peer reviews and training with our team. After all we want them to be the best.

– Where practical ensure all of our staff complete nationally recognised qualifications.

– Ensure every instructor completes comprehensive safeguarding training.

– Wear identifiable uniforms at all times.

Our Centre is independently inspected and licensed by Health and Safety Executives Adventurous Activities Licensing Service.

We are inspected annually by ALLA and RYA, along with independent audits by senior management and NGB experts. 

Our school holiday scheme is Ofsted registered. Our registration number is: EY547339.

We conduct rigorous internal health and safety audits.

We operate comprehensive risk assessments on all activities.

Our equipment is frequently inspected.

We have detailed emergency procedures for dealing with serious incidents.

For most activities children are placed into groups of no more than six (eight for some RYA Advanced Sailing Modules).

Our strict supervision policy ensures that children are always accompanied by our instructors (except when in changing or toilet spaces).

Additional staff take over supervision responsibility during break and meal times.

Our centre is closed to the public during weekdays and has clearly defined boundaries.

Our Duty Manager is on during all business hours.



Signing in and out for school holiday programmes will take place at the main gates. SWAC is located at the far end of Longbridge Industrial Estate, under the Itchen Toll Bridge.

Signing in takes place between 09.00 and 09.30 for activities to commence at 09.30. On arrival, a member of Active Nation staff will be on hand to register all children.  Your child must be signed in by a parent or guardian.  If a different parent or guardian is collecting your child, you must ensure the team are informed.

Sign outs and collection will be at 16.30.  Please ensure you sign your young person out on the register before leaving the centre.  Parents may sign a waiver for children aged 11 upwards to sign themselves in and out of our programmes.


If a child will not be attending, please contact the centre so they can be removed from the register. If a child does not arrive and no contact has been made by the parent/guardian, Active Nation staff will try to contact the parent/guardian to confirm the attendance status of the child.


If for any reason you are running late, every effort must be made to contact the centre. If a young person has not been collected by 16.30 and no message has come through, then a member of staff will attempt to make contact.

Please note: Charges will be incurred for a late collection if no effort has been made to contact, there are repeated instances or late collection goes beyond 30 minutes.

If you are not able to drop your child off or pick them up between these times, please contact our team to discuss this.  We cannot guarantee the availability of our team to cover drop off or departure outside of normal time but if we can accommodate a request we make a £25 per child, per hour charge.  In these circumstances we are not able to provide a full activity programme although children will always be supervised.

All specialist equipment for the activities is provided. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothes for an active day afloat and remember there is a high-possibility of getting wet. Please don’t send them in their best clothes!

– Suitable footwear – no flip flops, croc type shoes or open toed shoes

– Trousers or shorts (no denim jeans)

– T-shirt and sweater/fleece

– Waterproof jacket and trousers, even in the summer!

– Towel

– Sun screen and a hat

For on the water:

– Shoes than can get wet

– Swimsuit, shorts and t-shirt

– Dry, warm clothes for afterwards


You need to provide a packed lunch each day.  The centre will provide water. Energy drinks and fizzy drinks are not recommended.  Please don’t bring in glass bottles, instead bring a re-useable bottle which can be re-filled throughout the day.  Small, healthy snacks are a good idea for in between activities.


We strongly advise that valuable items such as mobile phones etc should be left at home.  Active Nation cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.


If anything is left behind at the end of the day it will remain in lost property at the centre for 30 days.  After that all items are recycled.

If anything is reported as missing, we will note this down and follow up by contacting other groups in the centre on the day or report to the police if needed. 


We want all children to have a good time whilst in our care so before sessions start we go through our code of conduct so they know what is expected of them.

Children who do not follow these guidelines risk losing the opportunities available to them here at SWAC. Any child who does not follow instruction, causes a nuisance or is disruptive, affecting the safety and enjoyment of others could be subject to the following actions:

1.  warnings from the staff;

2. removal from the activity session;

3. or in severe or repeated instances, you will be contacted and asked to remove your child from the centre.

In these circumstances no refund will be awarded and depending on the severity, your child may not be allowed to return.

While that all sounds serious in practice we rarely need to exclude children as we take a more inclusive approach but we cannot allow one child to monopolise the time of our staff through disruptive behaviour.


These guidelines are to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all young people and Active Nation staff.  Please respect these guidelines and follow them at all times:

– Treat everyone at the centre with respect.

– Young people must follow the instructions of Active Nation staff at all times. They are for your own safety and enjoyment.

– Older members of the group should lead by example when around younger members of the group.

– Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

– Swearing or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

– Violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

– Treat all equipment and buildings at Woodmill with care.

– You can not leave the centre unless you have been signed out by a parent or guardian.

Should you have a child with specific needs or medical conditions, please make these known at the time of booking and ensure the information is disclosed on the participation consent form.   Active Nation are keen to ensure that no child should miss out and most activities can be adapted to suit particular needs.  Please feel free to contact the centre if you would like to discuss how we can adapt things for the needs of your young person.


That’s no problem.  Medication should be supplied in the packet and placed in a clear bag with the childs name, the number of items they should take and at what time.  We will not administer medication but we will supervise children to self administer using the instructions provided.

Items like inhalers and epee pens should be placed in a clear bag with the child’s name on it.  For most activities the child will keep these with them or place them close by but for watersports these items will be kept with the instructor.

The ability to swim is recommended but not essential.  Water confidence is all that’s needed since anyone taking part in water based activities will be wearing a buoyancy aid and will be closely supervised by our instructors.


We really appreciate feedback as we’re always striving to improve our services. Either chat to one of our team or feel free to email  We often send out an automated email asking you to rate our service.

If your child has a great time please leave a recommendation on Facebook or Trip Adviser for others to see.

Most activities can be run in wet weather and extra time will be set aside for children to dry off properly.  If the weather is extreme and activities cannot be run, the Duty Manager will implement the Centre’s extreme weather plan.

If you need to get hold of your child in the case of an emergency please contact our friendly team on 02380 439 180. The Duty Manager can be reached by selecting option 2.

Your child may be able to be with their friend or sibling depending on their abilities. If your child and their friend or relative falls into the same age and ability group you can request they be put together.


Complaints policy

Safeguarding policy