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Woodmill has a huge range of outdoor activities for you to get involved in! All of our activities are instructor led, with each activity designed to bring out the best in every individual. Take a look at the range we have to offer.


Give it your best shot!  With its unique mix of fun and competition, archery is a popular activity with all ages and abilities, helping to build confidence and improve coordination skills.


Test your nerve! In this activity, participants will build self confidence by using ropes to lower over the edge and descend off our climbing tower, controlling their decent on the way down.  


Learn to survive in the great outdoors! In this activity participants will learn a range of exciting and informative skills including foraging, fire lighting and shelter building, the perfect way to connect with the natural environment.


This is a great way to unwind after a full day of activities as you relax and enjoy some quality time together whilst toasting marshmallows, sing songs and play games gathered around our outdoor campfire.


Using our traditional, Canadian style, open canoes, participants will get take to the water and discover how exciting, challenging and fun this activity can be.  Working together in twos or threes, these stable craft are a great way to learn and explore, but communication and working together is a must.


The sense of achievement when participants reach the top is written all over their faces. We will teach participants how to recognise and control risks prior to learning the necessary skills and techniques including how to belay and support each other.


Participants must work together in this high roped activity to get their group as high as possible by adding crates to the stack without it collapsing.  Great for developing trust, participants moving up the stack are attached to a belay rope to ensure when the crate does tumble.


Participants must keep their balance while crossing this seesaw which is available on the ground or as a high roped element (using a harness and helmet).  This balanced based activity breaks down barriers and is a great test of your nerve as you work together to even out the scales.  


Whats the big catch! This activity offers participants the opportunity to discover the joy of fishing, whilst learning new skills in a fun and proactive way.  It can help develop patience and precision as you enjoy the tranquil setting of our onsite lake.


A high ropes challenge requiring cooperation, communication and hard work as participants climb up wooden rungs which become further apart the higher you climb.  This giant ladder requires excellent team work from the participants climbing and those holding the ropes below, as you all work together reach as high as you can.


Up to four participants climb together to reach a small platform at the top of a 20ft pole. Participants will need to demonstrate great teamwork, between the individuals climbing the pole, as well as the group who are holding the ropes on the ground. 


Are they catamarans? Are they canoes?  Neither, they’re actually a twinned hull, custom built, catamaran which are superbly stable and made for up to six participants who will have to work together to move these fun and exciting boats around.


As a specialist water sports centre, we use our fleet of sit-on-top and traditional kayaks to help participants develop new skills and abilities.   Using our onsite lake, or the nearby river, our instructors will use games, drills and challenges to improve teamwork, communication and confidence on the water. 


A high ropes challenge requiring cooperation, communication and hard work as participants climb up wooden rungs which become further apart the higher you climb.  This giant ladder requires excellent team work from the participants climbing and those holding the ropes below, as you all work together reach as high as you can.


Our low ropes course sits less than a metre off the ground and uses a series of platforms and mini activities to encourage participants to support and communicate with each other.  The exercise we deliver ensure groups develop trust as they work as a team to navigate around the course, overcome the obstacles and take part in challenges.


Using a series of mini challenges, participants will learn important techniques to navigate, interpret key information and make key decisions to move between check points. Along the way, they will develop important initiative, leadership and teamwork skills.


Discover what lurks beneath! Equipped with nets, trays and magnifying glasses, participants have the opportunity to explore and learn about the creatures inhabiting our freshwater pond.  This activity is perfect for developing inquisitive minds, analysing finds using ID charts provided and connecting with the world around them.


Using problem solving activities such as the spider's web or giants’ finger, we set puzzles, problems and challenges to nurture leadership, communication and listening skills among participants.  Recognising there is often more than one way to approach a problem helps to quickly develop a team environment.


Explore the natural environment in and around our centres, guided by our trained Instructors. Activities can include: compare varying habitats, discover mini beasts, explore the local forest, learning about plant history and use, and the trees and wildlife around them.


Participants work together to design and build their raft out of barrels, logs and rope before taking to the water to test out their craft. Each raft team will take part in various challenges, followed by a raft race. There are no guarantees about staying dry but ​this is a great activity to develop team work, problem solving skills and learn a few knots.


River systems carry more than water. Rivers transfer energy, sediment, and dissolved materials; they modify the landscape; and they provide water and nutrients to ecosystems and agriculture. Guided by our instructors, use our stretch of water to undertake practical River Studies with participants.


Stand up paddle boarding – or SUP – allows participants to build confidence, find their balance and see the water from a different perspective. Our giant Mega SUP is the perfect group activity, testing your communication and teamwork skills to the limits!


A chance to embark on an exciting underground exploration of our man-made tunnel system. Guided by our Instructors, participants maneuver their body through this unfamiliar space, maybe even conquer a fear of the dark.


Our high-level challenge course is designed to test your agility and your nerve. Take on the course with your teammates and complete the challenges set for you by your instructor; it’s time to work together to test your communication and cooperation whilst stretching your comfort zone!

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