Active NAtion


Car Parking 

  • Car parking is part of the membership scheme for all memberships except Gym only and allows for 3 hours of parking no return in the same day.
  • You are responsible for your permit including correct display and ensuring all details such as car registration and date are correct.
  • Please be aware that having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space, the car park is owned by Southampton City Council and can be used by anyone.

Complaints /compliments

  • If you have an issue you would like to raise please speak to the Duty Manager, they will be able to assist you in resolving any matter on the day the issue arises. They would also be very pleased to hear positive feedback which is logged and passed to the rest of the team.


  • Lockers are provided please ensure you utilise them to put your personal property in, however we accept no liability for lost or stolen belongings.
  • Combination padlocks can be brought from reception.

Swimming ratios

  • Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 16 and over at all times while in the pools and changing areas. Supervising adults must:
    • Familiarise themselves with the pool environment in advance of entering the pools.
    • Maintain a constant watch over young children in their care.
    • Stay in close contact with the children at all times while in the water.
  • The maximum adult to child ratios are as follows:
    • 8 and over can use the pool unsupervised, however we do recommend that weak or non-swimmers over 8 are supervised by a competent adult.
    • Children 2 years and younger must be accompanied on a 1:1 basis, by an adult over 16 years of age.
    • Children 2 years plus will be able to use the pool on a 2:1 basis (two children to one adult), by an adult over 16 years of age.
  • Swim aids are available to purchase at reception.

Sauna and Steam bands

  • Anyone who wishes to use the sauna and steam room must ensure they have picked up a wrist band.
    • Non members can do this by purchasing this at reception
    • Members can pick up a band at reception, campaign office and the gym by producing their membership card which will be scanned.


  • Cancellation for classes is 2 hours prior to the class starting.
  • A no show fee will be charged if you do not cancel within the required time, this is to encourage all attendees to be respectful of those waiting to get onto that class.

School Holidays /bank holidays

  • Please refer to the holiday timetable for the adjusted times during school holidays


  • We host events which can sometimes affect the normal programme, any adjustments are advertised on our display board and on the timetable on the website

Lane management/ Etiquette;

  • Please ensure you shower prior to entering the pool this helps keep the water clean for all users.
  • Please use the lane speeds to help you pick a suitable lane, if you are substantially faster or slower than the people in the lane, move to an alternate more suitable lane
  • Lifeguards will assist in lane management, please do not take offense if we ask you to move to a more suitable lane.

Gym Equipment

  • Please bring a sweat towel and ensure you wipe down the machines after use, we supply spray bottles and tissue to aid with keeping equipment clean.
  • Please ensure you put your equipment away to ensure it does not become a trip hazard to others.

Appropriate attire

Poolside – Packing the Essentials

  • Appropriate swimwear includes the following: swimming trunks, swimming shorts (including knee length shorts e.g. board shorts), swimming costumes, swimdress, bikini’s, tankini’s, burkini’s, Hijoods (or other similar swimwear). N.B. Under certain circumstances close fitting plain t-shirts may also be worn at the discretion of the manager
  • Always bring a towel and water bottle
  • Swim hat, goggles, nose or ear plugs not essential but very useful! (can be purchased form reception)
  • Regular nappies are not permitted in any pool; swim nappies are available for purchase at reception.

Gym – Packing the Essentials

  • Pack quality workout clothes, which can include tracksuit bottoms/shorts/Capri track bottoms/T-Shirt/vest try to ensure your work gear is comfortable, supportive and breathable.
  • Bring gym shoes…. supportive trainers, hair ties or sweatbands
  • Keep a towel with you, always bring a water bottle and don’t forget the electronics
  • Our lockers require padlocks in order to secure belongings (a lot of times we run out of them, we cannot secure new stock in time and therefore people are encouraged to bring their own)
  • Weekend family swim requires online bookings
  • Admissions policy is attached.

Inappropriate swim or gym wear includes the following:  Underwear, transparent costumes or thongs (or anything with obscene or offensive pictures or slogans), sporting wear, denim or cotton leggings/leotards, long flowing clothes, baggy t-shirts, swimwear with protruding designs or accessories that could be abrasive to other swimmers and our slides and attractions e.g. pins, rivets, buckles, zippers, buttons etc. Long necklaces, chains and jewellery should also be removed. Active Nation Management reserve the right to determine whether or not swimwear is appropriate.