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Meet Jo


I’m Jo Moseley a 54, mother of two – we live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England.

One day in May 2013, I burst into tears in the biscuit aisle of Tesco’s. I was tired, anxious and stressed. I felt totally overwhelmed by life.

Both my parents were going through chemotherapy, I was a working Mum flying solo with my boys and in the early stages of the peri-menopause – although at the time I didn’t realise.

The biggest impact of the menopause for me was increased feelings of anxiety. I’m a natural worrier but it became worse.  At the time I rarely exercised other than walking, on my own or with my sons, and swimming on holiday.

I made a decision to change this when I was 48 and I haven’t looked back since!

Being Introduced To Indoor Rowing

A friend lent me an old indoor rowing machine, suggesting it might help me sleep. Within two weeks, I was feeling brighter and better.

A year later, I began an 8 month fundraising challenge to row a million metres and marathon in memory of my Mum who had died of Lymphoma at Christmas 2013.

Rowing 10,000m every other night for 200 days I completed the project with a marathon (yes, 26.2 miles) on 21st December 2014. The 1st anniversary of Mum’s death and 5 days before my 50th birthday.


What changed?

My shattered self confidence had been renewed by the challenge. I also realised that being active had really helped me physically, mentally and emotionally through my menopause.

Other Ways I’m Active.

In October 2017, I started running and finishing the “Couch to 5k” programme just before my 53rd birthday. I take part in Parkrun as often as possible and I have started Plogging (litter picking while jogging).

Two or three times a week I can be found at our local gym and have recently discovered kettlebells classes. They are great fun, hard work but rewarding and I love chatting to my class mates afterward. Post menopause weight training is great for improving bone density and helps to prevent osteoporosis. I also go to yoga classes which help to strengthen my core.

I also love riding my bike along the country lanes through the seasons. It’s great to notice the wildlife, watch the lambs grow & hear the birds sing. I also make sure I pick up litter as I cycle too. It’s easy to pop on my bike handles in my bag. I’m also trying to incorporate cycling more into my daily life whilst running errands.
I swim and do deep-water running as I love the classes – so much so that I became an instructor and teach two classes a week.

The journey of training and learning more about myself is all part of the challenge and something I really enjoy.

Next Challenge

My first love is the sea where wild swimming, bodyboarding and stand up paddleboarding are my passions.

Starting 27th July, I will aim to SUP 16 – 18 miles each day coast to coast encountering 105 locks and 57 swing bridges.

I will SUP (stand up paddle board) from Liverpool to Goole along the Desmond Family Canoe Trail, incorporating the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Aire & Calder Navigation. The trail is a project run by the waterways and wellbeing charity the Canal and River Trust. I am fundraising for two important causes : The Wave Project & 2MinuteBeachClean.

Finding Joy

Trail running, paddleboarding, bodyboarding, wild swimming and learning to surf have helped me to find peace, courage and happiness after some difficult times. Having been inactive for over 25 years I cherish these tiny adventures and am grateful for every one.

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Meet Jo

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I’m Jo Moseley a 54, mother of two – we live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. One day in May 2013, I...

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