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Meet Stuart

Stuart Murphy, 42, has recently regained his fitness mojo. When he was in his thirties, he was very inactive, but noticed how a lot of older men had tummies hanging over their trousers and decided he didn’t want that to happen to him. After participating in an obstacle course event, he realised how unfit he was and was inspired to make a change. He now regularly trains at our Ormskirk venue.

Stuart’s exercise background

  I first got in to exercise in my early twenties with Taekwondo. That lasted two years and kept me very fit. I then progressed on to Karate for a number of years, achieving 3rd kyu (brown belt) grade. During my thirties I was very inactive until I decided to start training again three years ago. When I got into my thirties, I started to notice how a lot of older men had a large belly hanging over the trousers, I said to myself I did not want that to happen to me, so I started training again. I took part in an obstacle course event in 2016, which was a real eye opener – I was incredibly unfit. That was also a motivator for me. In 2019 group of work mates and I did the course again and I felt ten times better.   

A week of exercise

  I try and get to the gym at least three times a week, planning my visits around my work life, so each week is different. I also use my push bike to get about as much as possible and will train at home with push-ups, sit ups etc.    

Any benefits?

  Since getting back into the gym I’ve experienced a raise in self-confidence, my sleep is so much better and my recovery after exercise is a lot faster. I have also noticed weight loss, an increase in strength and muscle mass.  Everyday life is better and easier with regular exercise.   

How do you feel if you don't exercise?

  I honestly try and look forward to the next visit to the gym. If you miss a session I would suggest not to get down or upset about it, just look forward to the next one.   

What’s the motivation?

  It’s the results. It’s the high experienced after taking yourself out of your comfort zone and the satisfaction that you get from making the effort to get off the couch and push your body.    

Any advice?

  Start small. Go for a walk, take the stairs, use your push bike instead of the car. You don’t have to join a gym to be active. Making small changes to your everyday life and being consistent with those changes will pay off. Consider your eating habits by keeping a food diary and check it at the end of the week but be honest with yourself. 

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