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Exercise really is a miracle for your body! But sadly around 50% of us don't meet the recommended guidelines set by the World Health Organisation for 150 minutes of activity per week.

It's important because regular exercise can support the management and prevention of over 20 chronic diseases...but it's not just good for the body, it's good for the mind too.

Research shows that regular physical activity will boost your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, plus its also reduces the risk of stress and depression.

Exercise stimulates a rush of chemicals in the brain that leaves you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious! So what's not to love! But don't take our word for it...we can prove it.

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Meet Ramona

We think you'll agree that Ramona Mulligan, from Chorley, is a true inspiration and a fantastic ambassador for the Active Nation charity. Ramona shares her story below to inspire others to lead more active lifestyles. Keep up the great work Ramona!

More about Ramona
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Meet Stuart

Stuart Murphy, 42, has recently regained his fitness mojo. When he was in his thirties, he was very inactive, but noticed how a lot of older men had tummies hanging over their trousers and decided he didn’t want that to happen to him.

More about Stuart
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Meet Erica

Erica Booth, 40, is a triathlete who got back into fitness in her twenties. Although she initially struggled with confidence, she managed to face her fear and is now loving working out at our venues in Chorley. 

More about Erica
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Meet David

David Parker, 53,  is a veteran from Lincoln who suffers from PTSD. He truly believes that exercise saved his life.

More about David
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Meet Julian

Julian, 55, from London, had struggled on and off with depression for most of his adult life until one day a friend introduced him to cold water swimming.

More about Julian
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Meet Mike

63 year old Mike Stoddart from Southampton has struggled with depression and comfort eating on and off for the last 30 years.

More about Mike
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