Active NAtion

What's your barrier?

I don’t have time to exercise

If we’re really honest with ourselves we can all find 3 blocks of 30 minutes every week when we’re not busy.

We all lead busy lives so if you’re still adamant you don’t have the time, ask yourself if your response would be the same if someone invited you to go out for a meal, or to see your favourite band this week? Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not alone. We all manage to make time for the activities we really want to do, so why do so many of us struggle to make time for exercise? The answer is probably nothing to do with time and more likely just another excuse.

We’ve pulled together some ways you can overcome this excuse and find a little extra time to be more active.

1.Create More Hours In The Day

OK, say just maybe you’re one super organised person who has every hour of each day planned out. Then your solution is to literally create more hours in the day.

Put simply, set your alarm clock half an hour earlier 3 mornings a week and spend this time being active.

Being active in the morning also has the other added benefit of rarely being cancelled due to something else getting in the way later in the day.

2.Create Pockets Of Time

Your 30 minutes of exercise do not have to be done all at once. As long as your heart rate is elevated for a minimum of 7 minutes, this will count towards your daily 30 minutes of exercise.
There are a whole host of clever fitness apps designed to make good use of short bursts of time. Search the App or Play Store to get some inspiration and see what works for you.

3.Improve Your Time Management

Not sure where your days go? Check out Rescue Time which tracks how you spend your digital time enabling you to improve inefficiencies and free up time in the process.

4.Plan your activity

You are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you block out time in your calendar, as you would another appointment. Try to keep the time sacred and not let other things distract you from your activity time.

If you know you are not a morning person, don’t plan set yourself up for failure by planning to be first at the gym at 6am. It’s important that your plan is realistic and achievable to maximise your chances of success.

5.Build activity into your daily life

Exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym or leisure centre. One easy way to be more active is to build more exercise around day to day activities. 

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