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Our 10 fully floodlit courts have recently been refurbished and are the perfect place to take part in your next game of netball.

Whatever your age and ability level we can cater for you. Whether for a friendly game, school event, office social or your own tournament, get in touch so we help you get on the court.

Southampton Netball Association

Southampton Netball Association (SNA) has a very pro-active committee that has provided netball for over 75 years for both Seniors and Juniors by way of leagues and tournaments. There are 3 main leagues for seniors and one for juniors.

The Saturday Winter competitive senior league runs from September to April with 5 divisions from Premier to Division 4. This league has promotion and relegation at the end of the season. Teams wishing to enter will need to play in a qualifying match to ensure they are in the correct division for the level of play, unless they are new and would then go into division 4.

The Monday night Margaret Whittaker League is a social league where teams play in either the upper or lower section with play offs to determine the overall winners and runners up in each section. This league has a division for Back to Netball teams wishing to play competitive games.

The Wednesday evening Freddie Cook Sunlit League is the summer competitive league which has 7 divisions and is played over 2 nights. There is a Back to Netball division for teams wishing to play competitive netball. Promotion and relegation takes place at the end of the season.

The Southampton Junior League is run across all age groups on a Saturday following the senior league.  Officiating is a major part of the game and umpires are supported on a mentoring programme to achieve their qualification.

During the summer months Pay and Play sessions are run and is open to all abilities at a small cost of £3.00 per session.  All  players welcome and this is a good way to get information on joining the many clubs that play in Southampton Leagues

SNA welcomes all new players and officials.  For further information please contact:


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