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Raynaud’s – A Touchy Subject

February is Raynaud’s Awareness Month, so for us it makes perfect sense to dedicate our next blog post to Raynaud’s Syndrome. Raynaud’s syndrome is a condition that affects the blood supply in particular areas of your body. It is usually at its worst around the fingers and toes.

It is usually brought on by stress, anxiety and cold temperatures and is a result of the blood vessels blocking the flow of blood. This blockage causes the affected area to change colour, it will first turn white, then blue and finally red.

At the same time the person is likely to feel pins, needles and pain in the areas concerned. Whist the condition is not life-threatening it can be tricky to live with and causes people discomfort and pain when the attacks occur.

How getting active can help Raynaud’s

If you are suffering with Raynaud’s, then there are things that you can do to help the condition and minimise the amount of pain and discomfort that you feel. Exercise is one of these things.

Exercise is known to get the blood flowing through your body, boosting circulation and improving your Raynaud’s attacks.

It is important that you only exercise within your own limitations, and make sure that you start gently and build up your levels of fitness.

We have put together some of the best forms of exercises for those who have Raynaud’s.


Walking is a great low-impact exercise. Not only does it work out your cardiovascular system, but it will burn calories. You should also aim to get your heart rate up as this will ensure that the blood is pumped around your body.


Swimming is great for those who have Raynaud’s as it gives your body a great aerobic workout and is incredibly low-impact. It is important that you check the temperature of the pool before you swim as this could cause you to have a Raynaud’s attack rather than making it better.


Another low-impact activity, cycling works out your lower body and gets your cardiovascular system working too. Not only this, but cycling can help you save money on commuting and improves your overall fitness. Both huge positives.


Yoga is known to not only be great for physical fitness, but also for your general wellbeing too. It improves your posture and breathing and helps your flexibility and strength too. Not only this, but yoga is great for lifting your mood, perfect if you are feeling discomfort.


Dancing is fun, there is no two ways about it. Not only does it give you a good workout, but dancing can also help you to meet new people! It is also fun to learn a new skill.


It is important that you check with your GP before you start any new exercise regime and be aware of how your own Raynaud’s is triggered. By understanding more about how it affects you, you can start to take steps to improving your own health.


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