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Move for Movember

Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and suicide are the three biggest killers of men in the UK. Movember – marked by growing a moustache in November – is a popular trend to raise awareness for these male health issues. But you don’t need to grow a ‘tache to raise awareness, fight the stigma, and reduce your own chances of suffering. All you need to do this November is get moving!

So, how can exercise help?

Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

One key way to beat mild mental health problems is to keep active. Exercise can improve mental wellbeing, improve mood, and reduce stress levels. Recent research also indicates that being overweight may increase the risk of advanced or aggressive cancer,[1] so regular exercise could help lower your risk.

So, get moving this November to improve both physical and mental health!

Fight the Stigma: Open Up

Boys growing up in the UK can be influenced by damaging cultural expectations which tell us that being a man means you must be mentally strong, rather than openly emotional. There is also an underlying assumption that being “manly” means you should deal with personal issues alone, or ignore them, rather than seeking help or talking problems through with others.

Terrifyingly, suicide is the single leading killer of men in the UK aged under 45.[2] Discussing mental health can be seen as a bit of a taboo, and this needs to change. We want to encourage people to speak as openly about mental health problems as they could talk about a physical problem – such as a headache.

With 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK being men,[3] it is vital that attitudes and expectations surrounding masculinity are challenged and changed. So, by taking part in Move for Movember, you can help to challenge these expectations and encourage people to seek help when they need it.

Fight the Stigma: Get Checked Out

The stigma which prevents many men from talking openly about personal issues also plays a part in why cancer might not be caught in its early stages. This is reflected in the stats which suggest that women are more likely to seek advice from a GP for health concerns than men.[4]

By taking part in Move for Movember, you can help to raise awareness about these threats to men’s health, and encourage others to open up, get talking, and get checked out at the Doctor’s if something’s not right.

Raise Money

All through November, charities such as CALM, Prostate Cancer UK, and the UK Movember Foundation, are encouraging people to get moving to raise money. Why not try something new this month and push yourself to fundraise? You could sign up to one of the many UK MoRunning events – which range from long distance races, to totally whacky Fun Runs!

Active Nation challenge you to try a completely new and outrageous way to work out this month, all in aid of an incredibly important cause. So, whether you’re raising money, raising awareness, or raising your fitness levels, get Moving for Movember!






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