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Local Hero – Mike Sadler

Our local hero for this month is Mike Sadler from Runcorn who’s remarkable journey has been a challenging, yet rewarding, after dropping close to half his body weight in an attempt to save himself from a certain early grave due to chronic obesity.

In 2015 Mike weighed 31st 4lbs. He was faced with 1 simple choice, lose weight…….A LOT of weight, or die from diabetes or heart disease.


He began what was to be a long and daunting journey, but his newfound programme of steady exercise and a mindfulness of his nutritional choices, has truly helped his mission.

Mike sourced a local gym which later became Active Nation, and with the support of the exercise professionals he slowly began to shed the weight that was killing him. He went on to have a gastric bypass to help with the process and eventually reduced his weight by 17st 4lbs down to 14stones.

After a 3 year battle, Mike had his final operation this year to remove the excess skin, leaving him much happier with the way he looks and feels, so much so that Mike showed the team at Runcorn his scar from the operation – leaving everyone in awe!

Mike continues to use Active Nation and is a regular supporter to our mission here at Runcorn. Congratulations Mike, we salute you!

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