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Introduction To Functional Training

When it comes to exercise and working out, unless you’re an expert, you may feel a little lost when it comes to all the varying types of workout. It can be quite the task to differentiate between them, let alone know which one is right for you. But never fear, The Locker is here, and we’re ready to put these terms into words that are a little easier to understand!

Ever heard of Functional Training? This type of exercise has huge benefits and could be the perfect match for all your fitness needs.

What is Functional Training?

Our bodies are always moving. Walking, running, lifting things – the muscles in our bodies are constantly on the go, even when we’re just standing and sitting. Whilst most workouts will concentrate on particular movements that you don’t usually make in your everyday life, Functional Training takes those movements and makes them stronger. It also works on the whole body, rather than a specific area.

For these reasons, Functional Training is ideal for those who want to improve their overall fitness, boost their metabolism and simply build up their strength throughout the body.

What equipment is used?

Do you use equipment when you sit, stand or walk? Of course not! And for that exact reason, Functional Training involves many movements where you don’t need any equipment at all, for example, squatting and lunging. There’s always room for an extra boost though, and for those parts of the workout, a kettlebell weight might be brought in.

What are the benefits of Functional Training?

A good workout to get you moving, raising your heart rate and perhaps working up a sweat too. But Functional Training has some particular benefits that you may not instantly think of…


Although the modern age has brought us unmeasurable amounts on improvements, posture is certainly not one of us. If you work at a computer or watch TV at home, the chances are that you’re not helping your back health (and to be honest, that’s probably pretty much all of us…). Functional Training can really help to not only improve your bad posture, but also build up the muscle strength in your back and neck too.


A main focus of Functional Training is muscle density and tone, making it a great for choice for those who want to achieve a lean yet strong body. Your endurance will also improve, ideal if you’re looking to train for a particular activity or event.


Functional Training will help you to boost your metabolism, which in turn is likely to lead to weight loss. Combining this with the work on your abdominal and core muscles, you’ll be onto a washboard in no time!

To get you started…

Did you know that there are Functional Training areas at most of the Active Nation locations? Before you get started, however, why not try some exercises out at home, following our handy guide

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