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Fitness To Me

Here at Active Nation we’re super excited and limbering up for National Fitness Day. We’d love you to join us in warming up for the #Fitness2Me campaign and National Fitness Day on the last Wednesday of every September!

National Fitness Day has been going since 2011 and is a perfect fit with our mission and ethos here at Active Nation, helping to raise the importance of people leading active and healthier lifestyles. Core to National Fitness Day this year is the #Fitness2Me Campaign which celebrates what fitness means to people, acknowledging that it means something different to each of us. UK Active want to make the #Fitness2Me campaign the biggest movement in breaking down the barriers that stop people being active, showing that fitness is for everyone. We agree and want you all to get involved in the campaign! So, in the run up to National Fitness Day, just as UK Active are doing, we want to encourage all of YOU, whatever your level or ability, to share what fitness means to you and inspire others to live healthier and happier lives through being active.

Here’s how you can get involved in the run up to National Fitness Day:
  • Take a piece of paper and write down what fitness means to you
  • Take a photo or video to share on social media
  • Add the #Fitness2Me #FitnessDay and tag us at @activenationuk and @FitnessDayUk

Alternatively, if you’re in one of our venues you will see whiteboards where you can handwrite what fitness means to you and take your photo or video whilst you’re there. We have big plans to celebrate National Fitness Day across all our venues on September 26th – if you haven’t already, like our Facebook page and we’ll keep you posted with all the arrangements soon.

During September, we will be encouraging you to try out a new group exercise class, from Sh’Bam to Zumba, from Body Attack and Body Combat to Body Pump; from Pilates and Yoga to Circuit training – there really is something for everyone, including YOU.
And if you need any persuasion then register for our FREE 7 DAY SPORT & EXERCISE PASS, which includes unlimited Gym, Swimming and Exercise Classes:

#JustTryIt and don’t forget to tell us how you get on via Facebook and Twitter using the #Fitness2Me and #FitnessDay hashtags.

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