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Do you have a gym buddy?

Do you have a gym buddy, exercise partner, fitness friend or workout companion? It could be time to find one!
64 % of women who run, go to the gym or attend exercise classes with friends will push themselves harder than if they went alone. They are also likely to train for longer, burn more calories and go to the gym more often.

Why It Works

You are more likely to stay motivated in your exercise regime and continue working out if you exercise with a buddy. We all make excuses about being too tired or too busy, but nobody wants to let their friend down. You will find that workout friends spur each other on. If one of you is having an off day, your buddy will come into their own and motivate you to keep moving and not quit. You’ll avoid that debate in your head about whether you should go and work out, or go home and rest. Meeting a friend makes it a no brainer!
The buddy system also keeps boredom away and makes the time pass more quickly. Many exercise partners talk as they walk (walking is popular exercise to do with a friend). The miles disappear quicker when you’re chatting with a friend. Your focus moves to the social interaction rather than the individual steps or minutes – and certainly aches and pains drift away.
Many of us have felt intimidated when going into a gym or exercise class. Are we wearing the right gear? Do we know what to do? Will we have to stand at the front? The whole experience is more positive with a friend. And more fun means you’ll carry on doing it!

How to find a workout buddy

Your gym buddy has to be someone that you really want to spend time with. But don’t just choose your best friend, unless they are keen to exercise too. It’s a good tip to try and match skill levels, fitness levels and commitment. It’s useful to have the same objective – training for a race, losing weight or learning a new sport.
Ask around your friends and family and see if there is someone suitable in your social circle. There are also apps and websites out there to help. Alternatively, ask at your nearest Active Nation venue and we will help you find one.

I’ve got a Buddy, now what?

Working out with friends has to be a joint activity; so sit down and talk through your personal objectives. Make a plan including when, where, how long, how often and which activities. It might help to visualise where you want to be in 6 weeks and set short term, realistic, achievable goals – then you can review progress and check it’s working for both of you.
You probably want to have a back-up plan ready for when your buddy can’t participate – maybe because of illness or other commitments. If you have an alternative plan—whether it’s to walk the same route alone or with your headphones on, exercise to a DVD at home or go to the gym – you’ll be more likely to keep moving and stay on track.

Get motivated to exercise!

Just remember, a good friend encourages you to workout, but a gym buddy works out with you!

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