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December is the new January

After the high, the low. After indulgence, the hair shirt. After Christmas, the resolutions, the diets, the dreams of a new you. Right? Wrong. There’s something about boom and bust, feast then famine that doesn’t cut it. Maybe it’s the sudden shift, the drop-off, the hard landing. Whatever it is, too many of our New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. So maybe it’s time to think different. Maybe it’s time to start now.

Think ahead

What is it about December?  Maybe it’s the dark and the cold – a folk memory of hibernation. Whatever it is, we like to take our foot off the pedal. Diets dissolve, exercise plans get nixed. Healthy eating? Nah, I’ll have the profiteroles thanks. But why not prepare yourself? Rather than go the whole hog until the 1st then hit the Sahara, try a soft landing – ease yourself in. There’s no need to go cold turkey. You can still enjoy Christmas without doing a full Henry the Eighth.

Mix your drinks

We’re not talking whiskey with your wine. For most of us Christmas is long on booze – and on hangovers. So why not mix in some softies?  Make every other drink alcohol-free. Try low or alcohol-free beers and spirits – we hear they’re getting better and better. Or be a bit flash and mix some mocktails – also a great way of getting some fresh fruit. If you’re on the spirits, add loads of sugar-free mixer to help your head. If you know you’ve got a big day ahead, drink lots of water in the morning, and keep yourself hydrated. It makes a massive difference. And pencil in some alcohol-free days. It’s amazing what a day off can do for your body – and your mind. You might even consider a booze-free week in the run up – give your body a pre-season cleanse.

Get active

Exercise can be tricky in the winter. Foul weather, dark mornings, wet fields – it’s hard to find that spring in your step. But why not embrace the winter and try some seasonal stuff:

  • Go for winter walks – the countryside can be beautiful and it’s a great way to get some light and burn off those heavy Christmas carbs. Walking is the perfect exercise for all ages – try and fit one into your Christmas schedule.
  • Ever tried ice skating? Muffle up, slip on some skates and glide around like Nureyev – it can be great fun with friends and family.
  • Dance! Dance! Dance! Taking to the dance floor – or rolling up the rug in your front room – is a great way of having fun and getting exercise, whatever the weather is up to.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, check out your local dry ski slope for a spot of skiing or snowboarding – next stop the Alps!
End of year resolutions?

Why not start building those New Year resolutions into your day now? Don’t wait for the drop off, start today – come Jan you’ll have less of a mountain to climb. If you’ve got a bunch of resolutions lined up, why not start one early – that way you can build them up slowly. Say you want to try giving something up – crisps maybe, or chocolate – well why not give up at the beginning of December, allow yourself a little treat over Christmas, then get back on track in Jan.

Whatever your goals, take a look at our motivation blog and keep yourself on target.

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