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Best Breakfasts

Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here at Active Nation, we think that all meals are equally important, but we definitely love a good breakfast! So we’ve pulled together our top recommendations for the healthiest way to start your day – and they’re all tasty!

Before we get into the foods, our top tip to begin your day is to drink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed. This gives you the hydration you need after many hours without drinking, making you feel awake and refreshed. Starting your day with a glass of water also aids your digestion and kick starts your metabolism, which can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Follow your morning glass of water with one of these delicious breakfasts:



Anything with oats is heading straight to the top of a healthy-breakfast list. Oats are rich in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, and will even lower cholesterol and stabilise blood sugar levels! On top of all that healthy goodness,  another health benefit of jumbo oats is that it provides slow-release energy which will keep you feeling both fuller and energised for longer! Sweeten your porridge with cinnamon, dried or fresh fruit and almond milk and you have a delicious, healthy breakfast!

Banana on toast

Bananas are a great source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. The antioxidants, potassium and magnesium found in bananas helps with heart health, and the starch helps aid the digestive system. What’s more, bananas are also a great source of slow-release energy and you get extra points if the toast is wholemeal!

Fibre packed cereals

The key thing to know about cereals is that many are far less healthy than often assumed since a lot of cereals are jam packed with sugar. However, there are plenty of cereals out there which get the Active Nation seal of approval:

Muesli is a great breakfast that’s filled with all the goodness that oats can offer, as well as containing dried fruits and nuts which give extra flavour and goodness! Just make sure you look for brands without added sugar.

Other fibre-filled cereal brands which provide a healthy start to your day are Bran Flakes, All Bran, Shreddies, Weetabix and Cornflakes.

Breakfast on the go

Very often, foods that are advertised as “breakfast on the go” are not healthy options. Breakfast biscuits will be packed with sugar and won’t offer the slow-release energy that can be found in our other breakfast recommendations. So, spend a few minutes throwing together a healthy combination of portable breakfast foods that you can take to work with you.

Instead of the usual milk with your cereals (which might prove a bit messy on your morning commute!) try mixing yoghurt with fruit and your favourite cereals. Plain, non-fat yoghurts are best and the cereals we mentioned above such as Muesli, will provide a healthy and energising start to your day.

Smoothies are another great way to kick-start your working day and can be easily consumed on your way to the office. Use plain, low fat yoghurts and blend with your favourite fruits and oats or Muesli. Take a look at our Juice and Smoothies Locker for some tasty smoothie video recipes!



For those mornings when you have a little more time and are looking for a weekend treat, look no further than the poached or boiled egg! Poaching or boiling an egg is the healthiest cooking method, since it cuts out frying the egg in oil or the extra ingredients that are often added to scrambled eggs.

At around 70 calories, a large poached egg contains over 6g of protein, 4.7g of unsaturated fat, and a load of vitamin D – all good stuff! Serve up this healthy breakfast treat with spinach, or with smashed avocado and salmon (a brunch classic) and feel good for the rest of your day!


Another breakfast treat that we love, pancakes, are quick and easy to make and can be combined with a huge variety of tasty, healthy fillings. Check out our February Locker blog on Healthy Pancake Day recipes for inspiration!

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