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April: Seasonal Foods

Spring Greens


Spring greens are the perfect accompaniment to any springtime dish at this time of the year. Not to be confused with other green leaves that you may find in shops, spring greens are a specific type of cabbage that can either be bought whole or already shredded up. They are a great source of Vitamin C to support your immune system, and Vitamin K, great for building strong bones. Steam or boil the greens and for a delicious twist, add in some crispy bacon.

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Crab can often be overlooked in place of prawns or the far more expensive lobster. But as it’s conveniently in season, why not think about picking some up from your fishmonger? As well as being high in protein, crab flesh contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and could help lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease. Here’s our recipe for fried rice that combines both cooked and fresh crab, for maximum flavour.

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April is the perfect time to eat spring lamb, which is high in Protein, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Selenium, the latter being an antioxidant. A rich, succulent meat, it is incredibly versatile; eat lamb chops or steaks quickly grilled and left pink, or put chunks of cubed meat into a slow-cooked stew. Whole legs and joints are also a traditional Sunday lunch choice, making a change from beef and pork. Why not try something new and pick up some lamb ribs in our barbecue recipe? We’ve also thrown in a recipe for a healthy homemade ketchup too.

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Rocket, or arugula as it is also known, is a great, peppery salad leaf. Like most leafy greens, it is a source of Vitamin K and Vitamin A (79% of your daily recommended allowance), which can help protect the body from cancers of the skin and lungs. Rocket also contains good levels of mineral such as Copper and Iron. Instead of just throwing it fresh onto a plate, we changed it up with a recipe for rocket pesto. This works well mixed into pasta, or added as a spoonful on top of a grilled piece of meat or fish.

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