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3rd December is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and at Active Nation this month we are celebrating the incredible sporting achievements in disability sport. Sport and exercise are a fantastic way for anyone to push their limits and see what they are capable of, and this is no different for people living with a disability. The achievements in disability sport are a phenomenal demonstration of human potential, and help to emphasise an athlete’s ability, rather than their disability.

After WWII, the enormous number of injured soldiers and civilians prompted motivation to adapt existing sports to enable injured people to keep active. By 1960, the Paralympic Games were established, and today disability sport and public attitudes towards disability are changing faster than ever. After the 2012 London Paralympics, 1 in 3 adults in the UK said that the Paralympics had transformed their view of people with disabilities,[1] and Active Nation want to help make everyone’s attitude to disability sport one of inspiration and positivity.

The benefits of keeping active are limitless, and can prove particularly beneficial to people living with a disability. Exercise can help to increase a person’s independence, enhance balance and co-ordination, reduce stress, and boost confidence; all areas of a person’s life that can be affected by a mental or physical disability. According to the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), 7 out of 10 disabled people want to be more active.[2] At Active Nation, we want to empower people with a disability to find enjoyment in sport and exercise. For many people, access to sport is a huge barrier which stands in their way to being active, and our inclusive ActiveAbility Solent programme aims to break those barriers down.

Thanks to Sport England, Active Nation is adapting a huge range of sports to ensure people with a disability can get involved in sport and exercise. Our mission is to persuade the nation to be active, and this cannot be accomplished unless we work to support all people with a disability to access their own active lifestyle. Our ActiveAbility Solent scheme offers a range of fantastic activities which allow you to get out and meet other people in a fun, friendly, and positive environment which celebrates every individual’s differences. From water-activities, to team sports, we have tailored our activities to make them inclusive and accessible to everyone.

So, help us break down the barriers to participation in disability sport and check out the incredible opportunities available at ActiveAbility Solent. Whether you’re old, young, a sporting pro or totally new to sport, you are welcome at Active Nation.




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