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100 tips to keep you going until summer

This week, the first in April, marks 100 days until schools break up and it is officially the summer holidays. It’s come around pretty quickly, but don’t feel like you’ve run out of time. Whether you’re looking to bulk up or slim down, getting more active or more nutritionally aware, here are 100 small changes that will add up to a big difference come beach-time. Scroll down to find the five posters for you to print off and display as a reminder. You’re welcome!

1. Make a meal plan for the whole week

2. Swap tortillas for fresh lettuce wraps

3. Build up your willpower

4. Leave the car and cycle to work instead


5. Record all of your measurements

6. Make sure to warm up and cool down before and after exercise

7. Eat poached eggs instead of fried

8. Take a shopping list to the supermarket

9. Make a back-up plan for exercise, just in case

10. Swap push-ups for squat thrusts
See how to do a squat thrust here

11. Keep track of your healthy eating with a food diary

12. Get to bed an hour earlier
See more tips for getting a good night’s sleep

13. Cook enough breakfast to last the whole week

14. Do jumping jacks to help your heart
See more exercises for heart health here

15. Swap to a spray oil for cooking

16. Factor in some exercise at home

17. Get outside during your lunch break

18. Ask a trainer about a brand new exercise

19. Buy a new workout kit


20. Drink skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed

21. Spend a day tidying the garden

22. Add an extra five minutes to your workout

23. Eat dark chocolate instead of white
Click here to find out more chocolate facts

24. Sign up to a charity run and start training!
See our guide to beginner’s running here

25. Learn some motivational mantras
Read our favourite mantras here

26. Get a pedometer and track your daily steps

27. Invite your friends over for dinner to avoid eating out

28. Don’t just watch the kids playing – join in!

29. Focus on some seasonal food
See our picks for April here


30. Spring clean your kitchen cupboards

31. Find a mate and share your weight loss journey

32. Walk around when talking on the phone

33. Swap sugar for sweetener in drinks and cooking

34. Use cacao powder instead of cocoa powder
Find out the difference between cacao and cocoa here

35. Try running faster for a shorter amount of time

36. Stand on the train instead of sitting


37. Swap in some detoxing ingredients
See our top ten detoxing foods

38. Go out shopping instead of ordering online

39. Flavour your food with herbs and spices
Find out the detoxing benefits of herbs and spices here

40. Swap a coffee date for a walking coffee date

41. Melt away your muffin top
See our exercise guide here

42. Change spaghetti to courgetti

43. Swap lunges for mountain climbers
See how to do a mountain climber here

44. Eat apple slices with cheese instead of crackers

45. Order your salad dressing on the side

46. Have a TV-free evening

47. Order the dessert, but share it


48. Join your local team

49. Drink alcohol within the guidelines
Find out more about the guidelines here

50. Follow an online fitness blog

51. Pick up an Americano instead of a Latte

52. Sprinkle on some cinnamon to boost your metabolism

53. Do planks instead of sit-ups
See how to do a plank here


54. Dust off your recipe books and get inspired

55. Sign up for a dance class

56. Swap the treadmill for a skipping rope

57. Make friends with somebody at the gym

58. Eat papayas to boost vitamin C
Find out the benefits of vitamin C here

59. Drink freshly squeezed juice instead of shop bought

60. Freshen up your workout playlist

61. Swap normal potatoes for sweet potatoes for a vitamin A boost
Find out why you need vitamin A here

62. Try out a high intensity workout

63. Make your own dips for snacking
See our beetroot hummus recipe here


64. Go for a bunless burger

65. Drink a glass of water when you wake up

66. Stick to tomato based sauce

67. Increase the incline on the treadmill

68. Plan some activity with your partner
See our guide to being healthy as a pair

69. Fill the freezer with batch-cooked, healthy meals

70. Do something active with your friends instead of just going for dinner

71. Eat Greek yogurt with fruit instead of a fruit yogurt

72. Exercise at your desk
Here are some office workout ideas to choose from


73. Trim the fat off before you cook it

74. Swap one builder’s for a herbal tea
Read the detoxing benefits of tea here

75. Eat at home before you go food shopping

76. Get outside for today’s workout

77. Eat two portions of fish this week
Click here for our roasted cod recipe

78. Walk up the escalators as well as the stairs

79. Eat wholemeal instead of white bread

80. Swim some lengths to improve your lung health

81. Eat a banana when you’re craving a biscuit

82. Walk to the next bus stop instead of waiting

83. Book an activity you haven’t tried before

84. Make healthy pancakes for breakfast
See our pancake recipe here

85. Swap normal veg for a green veg
See how green vegetables can help you detox here

86. Take before and after photos


87. Use avocados in place of butter and mayo

88. Do a workout before starting work

89. Factor in some exercise on holiday
See our poolside workout guide for ideas here

90. Eat a home cooked meal before a night out
See our fantastic recipes on our Pinterest page here

91. Swap salad dressings for balsamic vinegar

92. Try a crazy-sounding superfood
See our predictions for 2016 superfoods here

93. Make your take-away favourite from scratch

94. Keep a jug of water by your desk…and drink it!

95. Add some dumbbells to your lunges

96. Boost your iron intake to improve your workout
See what foods contain iron here

97. Order steamed rice instead of pilau or egg fried

98. Swap alcohol for a healthier alternative
Click here for some delicious recipes

99. Share all of your successes with a loved one

100. Reward yourself! It’s been a fab 100 days


Print out all five of our posters below and display them to make sure you stay on track until summer.

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