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10 Ways to Keep Kids Active this Summer

As any parent will know, kids have a lot more energy than we do and they need to be moving a lot more too! But when they’re not in school, it’s easy for kids to not stay as active as they should – especially with all the screens and gadgets to keep them busy! So, make the most of this summer and get your kids moving with our top ten Summer activities. Just be sure to take hats, water and sun cream!

1.     Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the kids entertained for hours. Try hiding clues that will lead them to the next hiding place, with fun rewards along the way.

2.     Water fight

When the weather is good, pop on a sprinkler outdoors and the kids will be entertained for hours – you don’t even have to get wet yourself!

3.     Fruit picking

Visit a ‘pick your own farm’ and spend the day outdoors picking some delicious fresh fruit. This is a fun, interactive day out that will keep the kids busy, whilst teaching them about where foods come from. They could even spend the afternoon cooking and baking with the fruit they collected!

4.     Outdoor games

Get out in the garden or head to a local park for some active outdoor games. Playing catch, frisbee, football, cricket or rounders will be great fun for everyone and will get everyone moving! If there isn’t much green space, give the kids chalk to create art and games on the pavement, such as hopscotch.

5.     Picnic

Check out our picnic blog from last month for some healthy recipe inspiration. Keep the kids active by combining the picnic with a walk and some ball games!

6.     Beach day

A day at the beach provides fun for all the family: you can sunbathe or catch up on a good book whilst the kids keep active by digging, building sandcastles and swimming.

7.     Visit a lake

Taking the kids to feed the ducks or even to go fishing is a great way to get them out for a walk. And if you’re lucky enough to live near a big lake, there might be a range of fun water sports available for you and the kids, such as swimming, sailing or kayaking.

8.     Cycle ride

Since the Tour de France is on this month, July is a great opportunity to encourage the kids to take up cycling. Cycling is a great way to keep active, save on public transport or petrol, and see some sights. It’s also a great way to teach the kids cycling road safety whilst they’re young!

9.     Fly a kite

The focus, excitement and exercise involved in flying a kite makes it a wonderful pastime, that will keep both you and the kids entertained.

10.  Camping

Don’t worry if camping isn’t your thing! Just setting up a tent in the garden during the day will encourage the kids to spend time outdoors – you don’t have to actually sleep outside!


So, plan some summer activities that will keep the kids active whilst having fun. And don’t worry if you’re working and busy during the school holidays – you can still make sure your kids are getting the most out of their days with our Active Nation school holiday programmes. From kayaking to cricket, your local Active Nation venue has you covered with our huge range of fun activities to keep your kids moving this summer!

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