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World Cup Football

June is a big month for football, the nation’s favourite game, as every four years we celebrate the FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup is the biggest football event, and one of the most followed sporting events, in the world. We’ll be keeping you up to speed on the main games on Twitter so make sure you follow us so you don’t miss out.

Every four years Americans everywhere buy football tickets online to join the rest of the planet in caring about soccer. Whether you prefer to call the game football or soccer, there’s no denying the appeal of the globe’s biggest sports tournament. When you consider that football is watched and played by more people than any other game on Earth, it’s obvious why soccer world cup online gambling is in great demand. Yet you don’t have until 2018 to enjoy FIFA World Cup betting. When it comes to online gambling, soccer world cup fans will find plenty of action on the road to Russia. 

Football is a fantastic way to increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lower body fat and develop muscle, whilst also building strength, flexibility and endurance – not to mention being a great and fun way to get fit with friends! Whilst World Cup footy fever ramps up we thought we’d take a closer look at what it takes to be able to bend it like Beckham!

Aerobic Fitness

To be able to perform at your best throughout a 90 minute game of football, cardio respiratory endurance (CRE) is essential as it will enable you to be in the right place at the right time, whether running with the ball, darting around to create a space or sprinting back to defend. Whatever your position, your heart and lungs will be working flat out to make sure your muscles are supplied with just the right amount of oxygen. By ensuring you are aerobically fit, you will delay the onset of fatigue enabling peak performance throughout the game.


The most skilled footballers are able to quickly stop and change direction to effectively mark their opponent or capitalise on an opportunity to strike. During training, each player will spend considerable time improving their agility so they are able to out-move their opponents in order to create more goal scoring opportunities.


Whether getting into position, running with a ball or chasing down an opponent, speed is required to keep you in the game and prevent losing possession of the ball. Being able to maintain fast speeds over the course of an entire game takes endurance. By developing this players are able to effectively delay the production of lactic acid and muscle fatigue.

Check out our video below where football coach Tom demonstrates specific exercises you can do that will help improve each aspect of your game

At Active Nation, we offer football for all ages, fitness levels, and abilities, including our incredible ActiveAbility programme which offers accessible, adaptable sport for anyone living with a mental and/or physical disability. So, take a look at what we offer near you!


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