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Working Out At Home – Baby Steps

So, feeling inspired to be more active but not ready to take the plunge and join a gym? Good for you, you’re well on your way to making some positive changes to your lifestyle. At Active Nation, we recognise that walking into a leisure centre for the first time can be daunting as hell, and that not everyone is up to the challenge.

You don’t need a lot of expensive gym equipment to have an effective workout. This month we show you how you can put every day objects in your home to good use, enabling you to start building up your fitness levels. Once you start introducing regular exercise into your daily life, you’ll quickly start to feel the benefits and gain in confidence. These baby steps, along with the support of friends and family, will motivate you to want to move beyond your living room and introduce new activities into your life.

Our trainer David will be showing you how to safely perform the following exercises in the comfort of your own home using only everyday household objects;




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