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Our DNA Sets Us Apart

Here at Active Nation we’re on a mission to get the nation active. It’s a bold mission and to achieve it we need a brilliant team of campaigners. We consider all our staff to be ‘campaigners’, and we know from experience what it takes to be brilliant: passion, integrity, teamwork, communication and openness. Our campaigners – and our culture – set us apart from the pack. So, what’s it like at Active Nation?

Let’s start with the culture.

It’s our DNA – what makes us tick. And right at the heart of it are our values. First up is enthusiasm. We know we can’t get people moving unless we do it ourselves first. Our campaigners are our best advert, living examples of who we are. They’re active and they’re out there. And we know their passion is infectious.

We love a conversation.

Here at Active Nation everything we do for our supporters (we don’t have clients or customers, we have supporters) – starts with a conversation. But most of all we love doing stuff. We’re proactive. We take the initiative. We get things done.

Passionate about responsibility.

We own our work. We’re open to feedback. We’re always on the look out for new ways to do things, and we believe that this starts with leadership: ours is a coaching culture – like all good coaches we want to inspire, to motivate, to instill the passion that drives Active Nation.

At Active Nation we are as big as the sum of our relationships.

All our campaigners are brilliant at building relationships. We know it takes time, but it’s time we’re more than willing to invest. Building relationships is also a skill – or a bunch of them. Along with time it takes:

·       Positivity

·       Encouragement – given and taken

·       Respect

·       Feedback

·       Compassion

There’s something else that sets us apart.

We all know there’s no I in team, we’ve all heard that before. But at Active Nation, I is for integrity. And we’ve got that in buckets. For us, integrity means living close to our values. It’s about expressing our values in everything we do and say. For us it means:

·       Communicating openly and honestly

·       Keeping promises and being reliable

·       Treating people equally, fairly and honestly

·       Being mindful of the impact of what we do and say

·       Thinking forward

·       Refusing to compromise

You’ve probably heard the old saying: do what I do, not what I say. At Active Nation, we reckon that speaks volumes. Our campaigners lead by example. They show the way to being active. They bring our values to life.

But how we do stuff matters as much as the stuff we do. And this is where the love comes in. Passion is the spark that kindles everything we do. Excitement is infectious – it can spread like wildfire.

And at the risk of putting first things last, there’s the team. Our team. Yes, Active Nation is a bunch of very talented people. But we’re more than that. We’re a collective, a community, an award-winning team doing everything in our power to getting the nation moving.

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