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Local Hero – Southampton

This month, Active Nation are proud to feature the inspirational Peter Hull as our local hero. Peter, who was born without legs or forearms, has not let anything stop him from excelling in sport. Since taking up swimming at the age of 5, Peter has gone on to win 3 gold medals (all with world record breaking times) at the 1992 Paralympics, and has raised money for charity through completing 18 half marathons and 12 full marathons. Not only was he named one of the Times Men of the Year in 1985, but Peter’s outstanding services to disability sport were recognised with an MBE in 1991.

Peter currently works as Engagement Coordinator within the Active Communities Team at Active Nation, and is committed to empowering people with disabilities to find enjoyment in an active lifestyle. We are proud to be working with Peter on our ActiveAbility initiative to make activity accessible for more disabled teenagers and adults, in more places, more often.

According to the English Federation of Disability Sport, people with a disability are twice as likely to be physically inactive than non-disabled people.[1] This needs to change. Working alongside local heroes like Peter, we hope to inspire others to view disability, not as a barrier to activity, but as a reason to adapt and rethink sport and exercise.

“Taking part in Sport and Exercise is a basic human right with participants benefiting physically, psychologically and socially. ActiveAbility enables this and so much more.”      – Peter Hull, MBE.

ActiveAbility Solent runs an incredible range of sporting activities for all ages and abilities, 7 days a week, across the whole city. We tailor these activities to every individual’s requirements – from skiing, to martial arts, to water sports, and so much more. Find out more about the fantastic opportunities at ActiveAbility.

We hope that, like us, Peter’s dedication to sport has inspired you to reimagine your own physical limits, and push yourself to work at the sport and exercise you love – or, to find new ways to get active!



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