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Healthy Post Workout Snacks

So, you have made the effort to head to the gym. You have worked up a sweat, burned some calories and you are feeling pretty great about yourself. You get home, only to find that you are feeling a little bit peckish. You need a snack to replenish your body and keep you going until your next meal.
Some people are inclined to grab something naughty, especially if they feel that they deserve it after such a big workout, but this could undo all that hard work that you have just put in.
Instead, why not try out a healthy snack instead? Stuck for ideas? Take a look at some of the snacks that you really should be grabbing after the gym.

Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter and Banana

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then this awesome take on a sandwich is definitely going to hit the spot. Take your peanut butter and smooth it on rice cakes. Add into this a banana and you will have a sugary snack that is still healthy and pretty tasty too!

Fresh Berries with Yoghurt

Another sweet treat after a workout comes in the form of a simple yoghurt and berries! After a workout, your muscles have lost some of their amino acids, which means that you need some protein to boost them back up. Low fat yoghurt is packed full of proteins, and if you add some berries, then not only does it taste great, but you will be upping the energy too!


For those that are a fan of savoury rather than sweet, why not make yourself a quick sandwich after a workout? Whole-grain bread is much better for you than white, and if you add in some protein in the form of turkey, then all the better. Not sure you are feeling the turkey, opt for some tuna instead.

A protein shake

There is a reason why people grab a protein shake after a workout. These are easy to make and are a great way to get the protein levels in your body restored after a workout. They come in an assortment of flavours, and you can add in your own extras as you want to. Perfect for changing things up if you have regular workouts. And if you struggle to gain mass then you should definitely get some top-quality mass gainer protein powder as that will help loads.

Egg and Hummus

Another way to get some protein after a workout is to slice a hardboiled egg in half and spread each side with hummus. Not only is it quick and easy, but it is light too. Meaning that you can increase your protein without filling yourself up before you have your next meal!

As you can see, you can enjoy a post workout snack, without having to reach for an unhealthy option! When you have worked so hard to burn off those calories, it makes sense to try and enjoy a snack that won’t take away from your gym session, and instead, help your body to recover!

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