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Group Exercise Classes

Exercising with others can be a great way of getting fit – as well as learning fresh skills and making new friends. Here at Active Nation we offer a fantastic range of group exercise classes. From Aquarobics to Zumba, Body Pump to Yoga, we’ve got something for pretty much everybody, whatever your interest, ability or level of fitness. 

Why take a group exercise class? 

Getting fit – and keeping fit – is all about long term change. It’s about breaking bad old habits and forming good new ones. And for many of us, making that change all by ourselves can be tricky. We all have off days, days when motivation is hard to come by, days when the couch – or the duvet – is mightier than the gym. And this is when regular group exercise can help.  

Boost your motivation 

Exercising with a bunch of like-minded people focussed on similar goals can give you a real buzz. It’s also a great way of stretching yourself – instructors and classmates can all help you push yourself just that little bit further. And who knows – you might even find your competitive streak. 

Putting weekly slots in your diary – signing up in advance for regular sessions – is a brilliant way to maintain focus. If you pay up front, there’s a huge incentive to turn up and stay on track – repeat sessions are the best way to smash your exercise goals. And there’s nothing like a regular exercise routine to build healthy habits and crush unhealthy ones. 

Let someone else do the planning 

A group exercise class can be a great way to get fit without having to think too much. Depending upon the class, there’ll usually be an instructor to get you introduced and show you the ropesThey can also help with top tips to improve your performance – and advise on how to avoid injury in those crucial first sessions.  If it’s your first time, exercising with other newbies can really boost your confidence – and it’s a great way of finding exercise buddies. 

Fun, fun, fun 

One of the best ways to stick with exercise is to enjoy it. If you’re having fun, you’re much more likely to carry on. And let’s face it, solo sessions in the gym or dojo can be dull. So can laps of the common or lengths of a pool. But group exercises can be a blast. Throw in some music, a sense of humour and some camaraderie, and chances are you’ll never look back. 

What are the benefits? 

Exercise is still the best medicine. Whatever the class you choose you’ll likely burn fat, shed pounds and give your cardio-vascular system a boost. Regular exercise is also a great stress-buster – the perfect antidote to the craziness of modern life. It’ll also give your mood a boost, help you sleep and who knows, might even perk up your libido. 

What’s on offer? 

At Active Nation we have an impressive range of classes. If you’re feeling fit, we have a range of high impact interval training (HIIT) style classes. For a gentle intro – particularly if your joints are a little creaky – try our aqua classes.  If it’s Zen or improving flexibility that you’re after, try our holistic classes, such as yoga or pilatesFor exercise without knowing you’re exercising, try a dance class. If you want to tone and sculpt certain body parts, try an focused workout like legs, bums and tums.  

Check back here in the upcoming months for more blogs, each focusing on a specific category of group exercise classes.  

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