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Get Ski Fit

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this Christmas, or just looking for some leg focussed work-out inspiration, we’ll be demonstrating some ski-specific exercises that can be done pretty much anywhere. Join our trainer David for his Facebook Live session to learn more about getting ski fit!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the mountains, then it’s especially important that you warm up your muscles during the weeks leading up to the big trip. Skiing uses a set of muscles that rarely get a work-out, so flexing those muscles before the trip is essential to ensuring that you ski to the best of your ability. Preparing your body will also help to minimise aches and pains and the risk of serious injury.

The most important muscle groups to prepare for your trip are your leg muscles and your core. Whilst the legs do most of the work when skiing and snowboarding, being able to engage a strong core will help with balance and control – meaning you won’t end up in a snowdrift!

Skiing and snowboarding also require a lot of energy, so getting into regular cardio before hitting the slopes will help you to make the most of your days on the slope. Get jogging, dancing, swimming or cycling, and ditch the car or public transport for walking instead. Other little changes, like switching the lift for the stairs, or standing whilst working instead of sitting, will make a big difference. Try to fit some cardio into your daily routines and you’ll find yourself skiing (and apres-skiing) for longer!

Our top tip for whilst you’re out on the mountains is to make sure you warm up and stretch your muscles every morning before skiing. Whilst skiing and snowboarding don’t require a huge amount of flexibility, warming up before hitting the slopes each day will minimise your chances of injury. If you do take a tumble, you are less likely to experience serious injury if your muscles are warmed up. And, to relieve the mid-week ache, give your muscles a warm down at the end of the day with some gentle stretches.

Check out our Facebook page and get ski fit with our personal trainer David! And don’t worry, if you’re not jetting off to the mountains, then you can get your dose of ski and snowboard fun at Active Nation’s Aldershot and Southampton Snow Sport centres!

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