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Christmas Calories

Christmas day often leaves us feeling more stuffed than a Christmas turkey – and not surprisingly, since the average person consumes a whopping 6,000 calories! Whilst Christmas day is not easiest time to be strict with the diet, the build-up to Christmas and the leftover-fuelled days that follow are hardly the healthiest times either.

So, we at Active Nation are letting you in on the Christmas calorie secrets so that you can enjoy your festive food without the New Year remorse. Read on to find out which traditional Crimbo foods you can indulge on, and which might turn you “cold-turkey”!

Christmas Dinner

Mashed potato: 237

Roast beef (per slice): 213

Roast potato: 200

Bread sauce: 141

Stuffing ball: 123

Roast turkey (per slice): 101

Vegetables: 20

Sweet Treats

Christmas pudding: 341 calories per portion

Mince pie: 290 calories

Christmas cake: 254 calories

Get Merry!

Mulled wine: 106 calories, 13.91g sugar

Bucks Fizz: 89 calories, 11g sugar

Champagne: 87 calories, 0.81g sugar

Prosecco: 69 calories, 1.01g sugar

Our Recommendations

For your roast, keep in mind that a slice of turkey has roughly half the calories as a slice of beef. So, feel free to pile your plate up with veggies and turkey!

Cut out the Christmas pudding if you can. Instead, help yourself to Christmas cake or a mince pie, both of which have less calories and sugar than Christmas pudding. Maybe replace the brandy butter or cream for some Greek yoghurt too!

Steer clear of the Bucks Fizz and mulled drinks, which have around half your total daily recommended sugar intake. We would never recommend any alcohol as part of a healthy diet, but we also understand that being teetotal at Christmas time is unrealistic for many people. But with an average glass of mulled wine containing 106 calories and 13.91g of sugar, maybe treat yourself to some Champagne or Prosecco instead!

So, during the build-up to the big day and throughout fridge-picking days which follow, be mindful of what you are eating and remember to keep active!


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