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Boxing For Fitness

Think boxing is just for hard-core, big muscle types? Active Nation Runcorn’s Darrell Missen, who is also a Human Movement Specialist, Personal Trainer and Outbox-certified boxing coach, tells us why he recommends boxing as part of everyone’s exercise programme.

Traditional boxing can often be associated with aggression. A couple of men in a ring relentlessly bashing away at each other’s faces and bodies, that sort of thing. But that really is just a perception. This concept is increasingly dying away and boxing-related training is becoming more and more popular because of its incredible physical and mental benefits.

The reason I got the boxing bug was because of the discipline and focus it gave me, right from when I started at age 7. And gyms and fitness centers worldwide have realized how fantastic it is too with boxing and boxing-related classes now featuring on most class calendars. So what are the benefits?

The big benefits of boxing

1) It makes you stronger and fitter

Boxing offers an incredible all-round body workout. Whether you want to take up a class or are looking to get into serious training, any form of boxing-related workouts will help you to tone muscle and burn calories whilst getting a fantastic cardio workout too. Without additional strength training, boxing will not make you bulk up. This is why it is becoming more and more popular amongst females too who want to firm up and strengthen their bodies without piling on the muscle.

2) Boosts your confidence

An essential part of boxing is self-assurance. You need to be confident that you won’t hurt yourself. By taking part in regular boxing training, you will build up this assurance and feel far more in control of your body.

3) Improves your focus and coordination

Boxing is not just about power. An important part of good boxing technique is the coordination involved. As you need to concentrate on what you’re doing, it helps you to improve your focus whilst also making you far more coordinated. It’s amazing what a sense of satisfaction you can get from regular training and building up how coordinated you are. It’s like a fight against yourself that you have to win.

And this increased focus isn’t limited to when you’re boxing. Like many sorts of physical exercise, it has a good effect on your mental self, helping you to build up your ability to handle outside pressures in your life too. Bonus!

4) Gives you a great sense of achievement

You don’t have to win a boxing match to feel like a winner. With all the ways boxing helps to boost you physically and mentally, it will give you a feeling of self-accomplishment. I’ll use a guy who attended my boxing group as an example. When he first attended the class, he was super hyper. High energy is great, of course, but he wasn’t focused and was easily distracted from achieving anything. But as each week went by and he kept attending the group, it was fantastic to see the visible change in him, both physically and mentally. He became so focused and as a result, fitter, stronger and far more disciplined.

5) The social aspect

Something I can’t stress enough is the social benefit of boxing. If you train with a group, or get a great sparring partner, you get to meet like-minded people and share the journey with them. I do lots of training at home on my own too using my boxing equipment, but I wouldn’t be without my like-minded boxing buddies. They make me stronger, provide some healthy competition and it also gives me so much satisfaction to see the growth in those I train.

6) It’s fun!

Boxing is so much fun. In all the years I’ve been doing it, it’s been very much a rarity to find anyone who’s not enjoyed this form of exercise. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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