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Benefits Of Weight Training

Weight lifting isn’t just for body builders. There are some valuable benefits that mean it should be an integral part of your weekly workouts. During our Facebook Live, our trainer David explains these benefits in more detail as well as show you some basic exercises with free weights that you can try for yourselves. As always, David is happy to take questions, so feel free to ask him any you may have regarding weigh training during the Facebook Live.

In the meantime, to wet your appetite, below are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy by including weight training in your workouts;

Increased bone density

This is essential as we get older as denser bone is less likely to fracture and break.

Can help you lose weight

Increasing the muscle mass in your body, which in turn will burn more calories.

Boost metabolism

Thanks to the increased muscle mass you will continue to burn calories after your workout.

It’s a different workout experience

If you hate running on a treadmill, then give weight training a try as it can be just as beneficial and you may find you like it.

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