Active NAtion

Etwall’s 3G Pitch

If you love football, Etwall Leisure Centre’s 3G pitch is a great place to host your game, whether it’s a competitive club match or just a friendly kick-about.

Our 3G pitch, launched in 2013 was funded by the Football Foundation, South Derbyshire District Council, John Port School, The Hilton Harriers, and of course Active Nation. With the intention of making it the best 3G pitch for miles around, we’ve created an amazing space that supports a whole network of clubs and social games. The main club users of our pitch include:

  • Hilton Harriers (Partner Club)
  • Etwall United
  • Hatton United
  • Hilton Girls FC
  • Willington FC
  • Mickleover Sports
  • Tutbury Tigers
  • Mickleover RBL
  • AFC Hilton
  • Hilton Athletic

We also have several casual teams who are regular users including local business teams and local pub teams.

So if you are feeling inspired to have a go, you’ll be pleased to know that it’ll cost just £33.50 per hour


To make sure that everyone gets to have a great experience on the pitch, we do have a few rules to follow, which you’ll want to know before you get going:

  • Wearing blades is not permitted – they damage the surface
  • Respect all players, officials and spectators at all times
  • Please don’t use foul or offensive language
  • Smoking is not allowed on site
  • Please don’t use chewing gum when on the pitch
  • Do not drop litter

Right then, that’s all you need to know! So it’s time to play a game, give us a call on on 01283 733348 to book your session.