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Personal training is a great way for you to stay motivated, progress towards your goals quicker than training on your own and have somebody to guide you through a more advanced and structured training programme.

At Chamberlayne, we are lucky to have a great team of Personal Trainers who bring with them a different experiences, styles and personalities.

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My name is Liam, I have been a campaigner here at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre for 4 years now. I am the resident exercise coach / personal trainer. Covering everything from 1-2-1 personal training, gym inductions and the youth fitness academy sessions. 

As your PT i will assist and motivate you to get most out of your sessions, whilst keeping it interesting and fun. The sessions I provide personally tailored by myself for each and every client to help you achieve your goal. My clients range from 19 to 70 years of age, i do not look at age, i look at capability and what we can do together to achieve your best.


S Whittaker
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I have been doing 1-1 sessions with Liam for just over 10 months. I started out at 0 strength. The smallest dumbbells were a challenge to lift for more than a set. I couldn’t do a push up, even from my knees. I needed help. I didn’t enjoy the gym at all. I didn’t know what I was doing. I signed up to have my free session with the intention of going on my own after that. I so enjoyed that first session with Liam, I decided to keep them going on a weekly basis. The stuff this guy has me doing now is incredible, I never would have thought I could achieve what I have. I look forward to the sessions every week. Liam pushes you to your limit but not in a forceful way. He’s just a great trainer.
S Husbands
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Liam has been a great PT in supporting my training goals. He is outcome focused, and I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions. He quickly knew my capabilities before I did. A very committed and passionate trainer, full of knowledge, techniques and advice. Just what I needed for that push in motivation also.
J Anderson
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I enjoy my Personal training sessions with Liam, He always explains what we are doing and how things are progressing. The sessions are always different, so it never gets boring, he has both helped me to lose weight, get stronger, enjoy exercise and go to the gym . He is a very good PT for all age groups.