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Personal training is a great way for you to stay motivated, and progress towards your goals quicker than training on your own and having somebody to guide you through a more advanced and structured training programme.

At Bitterne, we are lucky to have a great team of Personal Trainers who bring with them different experiences, styles and personalities.

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My name is Jemma. I have been working at Active Nation for 5 ½ years and love doing what I do. My passion is health, fitness, well-being, and sharing my knowledge with others. I was lucky to grow up being active, playing sports at school, so I understand the importance of movement. I have previously worked in a body building and commercial gym, so I have a lot of experience in different disciplines. I love showing people that being active can be flexible, and it’s not just about the way you look, but about how you feel.



My goal is to guide clients on how to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term, through appropriate exercise and nutrition. As a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer and life coach, my approach to wellbeing is holistic in nature.

I am also a women’s fitness expert, specialised in training pre/post-natal and older women as well as strength and body conditioning, weight loss, and those with a pre-existing health condition. 


M Hird
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I've been working with Jemma as my personal trainer for the past few months and I'm extremely satisfied with the results so far. Jemma's approach to fitness is not only motivating but also tailored to my specific needs and goals.
B Jones
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Due to various bouts of ill health IO was forced to cease my regular gym visits in June 2022 As soon as I had GP permission to resume training I enrolled as a gym member at Bitterne Leisure Centre. I met Maggie when she carried out my gym induction. I work my efficiently and enthusiastically with a personal trainer. If I don’t make an appointment for personal training I will be tired after work and go straight home. Maggie is an excellent trainer. She is very much aware of my history and I am working with her steadily twice a week. Already my fitness level is so improved. She does not push me too hard as thus put my off attending. Rather, over the last 2 months, she has gradually upgraded my programme by gently tweaking exercises. She is very astute in understanding my limitations. She has also encouraged me to adjust my diet which has resulted in an easy 2kg loss. I would strongly recommend Maggie to anyone seeking a revitalisation of themselves through healthy exercise and diet. She has given me the confidence I lacked to resume my gym programme.
F Hilll
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What I appreciate most about Jemma is their dedication to helping me achieve my goals, both inside and outside of the gym. I feel lucky to have found such an amazing personal trainer and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and supportive coach.