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What Is Obstacle Course Racing?

Obstacle Course Racing, also referred to as Mud Run and Adventure Racing, is the world’s fastest growing sport in which competitors complete a course, usually whilst running, to overcome a variety of obstacles designed to challenge endurance, dexterity, strength and speed and are as much about mental strength as they are a physical challenge.

Obstacle Course Racing is an inclusive sport that enables newcomers of all ages (over the age of 16), with no previous experience, and elite athletes to participate alongside one another. The races are timed events with competitors setting off at different times to enable the more experienced athletes to go first whilst at the same time preventing the obstacles from becoming congested.

Participants can choose to enter races as an individual however most people, especially those who are new to the sport, find more enjoyment by entering as a team.

Obstacles can include climbing high walls, scrambling under nets and barbed wire, swinging across monkey bars, jumping through fire, navigating through water, carrying heavy sandbags and sliding down slides. If a competitor is unable to complete an obstacle a marshall is usually on hand to administer strict penalties such as performing a number of press ups.

There are a rapidly growing number of enthusiasts who live for the event, attending race meetings most weekends. Whilst some take part purely to race competitively, the majority of people take part to have fun at their own pace.

Obstacle Course Races are a great way of improving overall fitness. With events ranging in duration from 30 minutes to 6 hours, to become proficient, participants need to master a combination of total body strength and endurance.

There are a growing number of obstacle course races in the UK including Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Mudstacle, Total Warrior and Relentless Suffering to name a few. Each has its own unique demands, whether it be vast amounts of mud to manoeuvre, punishing ice baths to shock the system or 75 obstacles over 19 miles of gruelling terrain to complete.

Active Warrior Southampton

Active Nation have thrown their established might in to the Obstacle Course Race arena, using their experience within the sport and fitness industry to launch a unique obstacle course race, Active Warrior, in Southampton on 15th October 2016.

Working with Urban Attack, experts in obstacle course design, Active Warrior is a truly challenging densely packed course consisting of 35 man made and many more natural obstacles across a 7.5km course. As well as turning the outdoor ski slope into a giant water slide for the event, other obstacles include mud crawls, ninja wall, water dunks, flying monkey bars, rope climbs, cargo net climbs and high walls.

Whilst it is a race, it has been designed for people to challenge themselves and work towards their own goals whilst putting determination, teamwork, camaraderie and courage to the test.

Active Warrior will take place at The Outdoor Sports Centre, in the heart of Southampton. The cauldron shape of the sports centre will be transformed into a gladiatorial arena not only affording excellent viewing for spectators but guarantees a challenging terrain for participants.

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