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From 1st September 2014 Active Nation no longer manages The White Horse Leisure & Tennis Centre in Abingdon, after our 10 year partnership with The Vale of White Horse District Council came to an end.

But our departure from the venue doesn’t mean that you can no longer support our charity. We would love to keep in contact with you, so that we can share great news stories, tips and ideas to help you stay healthy and happy, nutritional advice and long-term support and motivation towards achieving your goals.

To help us do that, we’re offering our Supporters a FREE online resource that focuses on helping you to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How we live now has a big impact on our quality of life in the future. The World Health Organisation reports that up to 70% of sickness and disease in the developed world is caused purely by our lifestyle behaviour, the food we eat, the alcohol we consume, the activity we do or do not take, our pressured lives, our lack of sleep, which are all modifiable habits.

The purpose of our new online resource is to positively impact on these choices.

Our Health Solution
We aim to help our Supporters make better lifestyle choices and improve their health to live a happier, healthier life. We do this by providing the health tools, information and motivation you need to understand and improve your health.

Understand Your Health

– Complete our online Lifestyle Score to rate your current health and lifestyle habits and track your progress.
– Compare your scores with people your age, gender and nationality.
– Receive a personalised report with recommendations.

Create Your Plan

– Set your own health goals.
– Track your results and progress.

Learn How To Improve

– Follow our expert self-guided Health Programmes that will educate and motivate you.
– Keep up to date with the latest health research based on your interests.
– Use our Tools to plan, measure and track your progress.

Sound good? Visit to register.


Date Posted: 31 Aug 2014

Be that healthier you! Register and complete our FREE online health check by visiting

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