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The sleepover camp is a great way to link two Active Adventure Days together and spend a night camping with new friends.

What is Sleepover Camp?

Set under a starry canopy that paints the night sky. Woodmill’s indigenous inhabitants start to tell their own story and there is no better way to experience it.  Whether it’s an owl’s hoot, the dance of bats or the dawn chorus of numerous birds this camp is unique and exciting.  Any child who has camped at Woodmill will tell that it’s a real escape from the modern world.

Being away from home, particularly for the first time, can be challenging for many young people. So, sharing the experience with their peers can be very empowering.  These camps allow children to act independently, feel in control and learn to work together.

Our team keeps children engaged and the sleep over camp includes an evening activity, a BBQ dinner (weather dependent), a campfire and sleeping in single gender tents.  We encourage all young people to wash and brush their teeth before settling in for the night.  Children will also be provided with breakfast the following morning and lunch if they are on the following days programme. Our staff are on hand throughout the night in case they are needed.

These camps often create the most memorable experiences for children and we are used to hearing parents tell us they come back more confident.  Add in the fabulous connection with the natural environment and shared experiences with their friends and its hard to think of a reason not to book.

When is it?

The sleepover camps run every Wednesday during school holidays in May, July and August.

Who is it for?

The sleepover camp is great for 8 – 16 years.  Children are normally organised into age

groupings to ensure good group dynamics.

How much is it?

£25 per child.

Must be booked with the Wednesdays Active Adventure Day.

We accept child care vouchers.

What next?

All activities need to be booked in advance.

Children require a completed participation consent form, which can be completed on arrival or downloaded from our website.

It is normal for a child (and sometimes the parents) to feel apprehensive about about an overnight trip.  There are a few things you can do before their time away from home to make sure it is a positive experience.

It is a good idea to involve your child in the research process.  Look at our website, research the activities they will be taking part in and show them plenty of photos and videos.  This will help you all to familiarise yourself with the place they will be staying and get excited about the trip.

Programme Benefits

  • Great opportunity to make friends and develop peer to peer social skills
  • Children enjoy participating and adopt a positive attitude to exploration and adventure
  • Children develop an inquisitive nature and reflect on their experiences
  • Children become alive to the natural environment around them

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These camps often create the most memorable experiences for children and we are used to hearing parents tell us they come back more confident.

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