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4 Week Windsurfer Instructor

Our comprehensive four week programme is designed to take complete novices through to becoming a RYA Start Windsurfer Instructor.

What is the Windsufer Instructor Course?

The programme consists of three weeks training in preparation for the instructor course on week four. The training follows the RYA Windsurfing scheme and the pre-requisite courses to the instructor course.

Qualifications gained through-out the programme:

· RYA Start Windsurfing · RYA Powerboat Level 2
· RYA Intermediate Windsurfing ( non planning) · RYA SRC Radio Operators License
· RYA Intermediate Windsurfing (planning) · RYA First Aid
· RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor · Safe and Fun online course


During the learning phase you will see how an experienced windsurf instructor delivers the course you will soon be teaching, preparing you to hit the ground running upon completion. This condensed approach also gives time to frequently discuss your progress with your mentor and quickly act on those recommendations. As the course progresses, you will have chances to develop both your personal ability and experiment with your delivery style all whilst ticking off the pre-requisite qualifications. At the end of the four weeks the aim is to have you ready to confidently and safely deliver your first RYA Start Windsurf course.

For more information about the individual courses in the programme click the links above.

When is it?

The courses run twice a year with one in the spring and one in late autumn.

Who is it for?

The course is tailored for individuals who are 17+ and are wanting the fastest way to their dream job. No existing windsurfing experience is necessary but a passion for the water and a craving to teach are advantageous.

Because of this structure this is the easiest way to go from zero to hero and get on the instructor ladder.

Maybe you are already a competent windsurfer, check out our short course packages.

How much is it?


What next?

Once completed it is time to get out and teach some Start Windsurf Courses! The next step in your windsurfing instructing career would be the RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor course. Depending on personal ability this course allows you to deliver either the Intermediate non-planing or planing course.  Alternatively if you have the bug for teaching and would love to learn other disciplines, have a look at our courses for Dinghy sailing or Stand-up Paddle boarding instructing.

Programme Benefits

  • Expert mentors guiding you through the course allowing constant feedback and development.
  • A real fast-track option into a watersports career
  • Modern equipment and a safe environment help maximise learning potential.

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