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HydroMassage is an innovative form of water massage that uses heated water to provide a workout recovery in a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

HydroMassage beds are customisable massage beds that shoot jets of water up and down your body. The beds are made with a waterproof covering that keeps the water safe and sound inside of the bed keeping you completely dry. You can use the remote or screen to keep the jets in an area that needs a little more care or allow the water to run up and down your entire body.

Touchscreen Control

  • Complete Personalization
    Allowing real-time adjustment, the touchscreen is the most technologically advanced water-massage interface on the market.
  • Social Experience
    Users more commonly engage with the touchscreen, smartphone apps and others around them during the massage.
  • Multimedia Content Library
    Users may enhance their experience with relaxation videos, music, wellness articles, games, e-books and internet access.
  • Preset Massage Programs
    Users may create and save their own ideal massage or select from a range of pre-programmed massages.

Lounge Style

  • Open, Seated Design
    The Lounge model is engineered for those who want to relax, but don’t have the time or desire to lie down and close their eyes.
  • Smooth Wave Traveling Massage
    Jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, giving the user control of where to concentrate the massage.
  • Water Through Air Technology
    The user rests comfortably above the water level, providing user stability and delivering maximum potential massage pressure.

Benefits BEFORE a workout

  • Enjoying a HydroMassage before a workout can be great if you go about it in the correct way. A HydroMassage before you exercise allows you to get warmed up and can help aid in flexibility by stretching your tight muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
    Similarly, the stress and tension reduction can help you to be more relaxed and focused on the workout ahead of you. Pre-exercise massages should be more gentle, though.
  • Deep massages before you exercise could cause muscle soreness and poor performance. So, keep your HydroMassage bed on a lower pressure and allow the soothing movements to help with light stretching. Though a light massage does help to stretch out your muscles, you should still work through a dynamic stretching sequence to make sure that you are fully prepared for the workout ahead. This massage does not take the place of the stretch in general but instead helps to get things moving along.

Benefits AFTER a workout

  • The benefits of HydroMassage therapy after a workout seem to outweigh pre-exercise massage. If you head to the HydroMassage directly after a workout, it will aid in reducing muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and will help speed up recovery so that you have less downtime in between exercises. Better yet, after a workout, you can handle a deep tissue massage. So, feel free to turn up your pressure and allow the deep-tissue massage to take place, really focusing on the areas that you just worked out.
  • After working out, lactic acid builds up within the muscles. This build-up causes soreness because of decreased oxygen in any given area. By getting a post-workout massage, you will help to improve the blood circulation in your body delivering oxygen to your muscles and increasing the flow of oxygen to the affected areas. Improving your body’s circulation also reduces the toxins that your body produced while exercising.

How long does each HydroMassage experience last?

  • A HydroMassage water massage session is ten minutes and can be enjoyed at any time. Most members choose to use the HydroMassage Loungers at the end of their workout.
  • Every Supporter subscribed to HydroMassage will be allocated 10 mins everyday for the duration of their subscription.
  • You can find the HydroMassage loungers outside the fitness suite on the ground floor.

How much does a HydroMassage package cost?

  • Packages are available in venue only, so simply find a member of the team and we’ll set you up with an instant free trial session.
  • Monthly subscription is £10 per month – Sign up is Direct Debit only.
  • Annual subscription is £100 per year – payable upfront one payment.
  • 10 mins a day will give you 5 hours per month massage time
  • Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation provides a feeling of well-being
  • Temporarily increases circulation where massaged
  • Helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension
  • Aids recovery from exercise
  • Rejuvenation
  • Light tissue massage
  • Great for pre or post work out massage
  • Great to just pop in and take your massage (even when not using the gym)
  • Relaxing music and videos available - simply plug in your headphones
  • You control the massage speed/intensity/pressure. You can even freeze the massage on a particular part of the body (e.g. lower back)
  • You will be amazed how you feel after just 10 minutes

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